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22/05/2020 - Focus on product


Known and trusted for delivering intense moisture to lacklustre skin, the much-loved Rich Compensating Cream and Soothing Moisture Mask have received a makeover – and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Best-seller made better, the Revitalizing Nourishing Cream has replaced the Rich Compensating Cream and it’s been taken to the next level thanks to the addition of new antioxidant-rich Natural Berry Extract. The same goes for the Soothing Moisture Mask (now Soothing Radiance Mask), which boasts Natural Berry Extract as well as other skin replenishing ingredients.

Supercharged with glow-boosting ingredients, this luxe moisturiser helps restore the natural beauty of dry sensitive skin by providing hydration, nourishment, energy and protection. The luxurious feel lends itself to the texture as well – think rich, velvety and intensely nourishing – a true self-care staple you’ll love applying every day.
The main key players to thank here are Antioxidant Natural Berry Extract, Vitamin E precursor Pre-tocopheryl and Avène Thermal Spring Water (of course!). Together they work hard to deliver a healthy glow to a tired complexion, while restoring the natural balance of the skin. The new Natural Berry Extract instantly delivers lipids to rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier, while the Vitamin E precursor protects the skin against external aggressors including free radicals.
This antioxidant powerhouse also has soothing and anti-irritating properties thanks to the high concentration of Avène Thermal Spring Water, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Non-greasy and easily absorbed, this moisturiser sits beautifully under makeup and it will quickly become your new go-to!


Also enriched with antioxidant power from Natural Berry Extract, the new Soothing Radiance Mask is an absolute staple for when skin needs a little bit of extra TLC! Providing intense replenishment for tired, sensitive skin with a cocoon-like texture, this genuine Avène Thermal Spring Water home treatment also hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier.
Featuring the same key players – Antioxidant Berry Extract, Vitamin E precursor Pre-tocopheryl and Avène Thermal Spring Water – you’ll love adding this mask to your weekly pampering self-care session for many reasons (the main one being it revives tired skin!). Simply apply a thick layer to cleansed face, leave on for 15 minutes and gently remove the excess with a cotton pad – tip: dampen the cotton pad with a spray or two of Avène Thermal Spring Water for the ultimate experience! Do this twice a week and watch those skin-loving ingredients turn tired, stressed out skin into a healthy, radiant complexion.

Both new products from the Essentials range are non-comedogenic and were formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reaction (tick and tick for sensitive skin). Add them to your self-care routine and we guarantee your skin will thank you. After all, #SelfCareIsEssentialCare.


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