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Between your back to back Zoom meetings, new online workout regime and remote catch-ups with friends, you have probably seen your screen time soar. But it’s not just your data limit that you should be concerned with; emerging research has shown that the blue light emitted from our phones, computers, TV screens and other digital devices can harm your skin and cause premature ageing.
What is blue light?
The sunlight we can see is actually made up of different coloured light rays with different amounts of energy.  Blue light is the high energy part of this spectrum of visible light- it’s what makes the sky look blue!
Blue light is everywhere and is essential to our health- regulating our circadian rhythm (our natural sleep/wake cycle), boosting alertness, helping memory and cognitive function and elevating our mood.
The sun was once the only source of blue light but now we are exposed round-the-clock to through computer screens, mobile phones, electronic devices, LED and indoor lighting.
Recent studies have shown that blue light, like ultraviolet rays can contribute to free radicals forming and induce oxidative stress which eventually disrupts and damages our skin cells. In fact, blue light can penetrate further into our skin than UVA light, potentially causing deeper damage.
Before you go off the grid, sunlight is still our main source of blue light with digital devices emitting a comparatively small amount. However, we are up close and personal with our devices throughout the day- it’s the frequency and proximity of these screens to our skin that has dermatologists concerned about the possible long-term effects of blue light exposure.


So what can we do?

Reducing our exposure to blue light is the best way, but in our increasingly digital lives that is easier said than done! Invest in a screen cover that blocks blue light for your smartphone, computer and tablet.

If you have the option, switch to night-mode on your digital devices permanently. Lastly, protect your skin! In skincare, there are two things that will help. Firstly, an antioxidant-rich product to neutralise free radicals.

We recommend our new A-Oxitive range which contains a powerful combination of Vitamin C and E which work in synergy for long-lasting antioxidant protection.

Follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains a physical blocker like titanium dioxide which helps reflect light rays for protection against both UVB/UVA and blue light.


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