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Because saying goodbye to your teens doesn't always mean saying goodbye to acne! 46% of women between 20 and 46 are affected by acne1. In fact, more than 1 in 3 women experience acne for the first time as adults2

Although your acne breakouts as an adult may appear similar to those from your teenage years, these two skin problems are actually very different. While the cause is not clear cut, experts believe hormonal fluctuations can cause an increase in the skin’s oil production. 


There are clear signs that your pimples are related to hormones and not the teenage kind! According to dermatologists, it’s probably hormonal acne if…

You breakout around your chin and jaw

The location of your breakouts is telling- if it’s primarily your lower face, in “u-shape” around the jawline, chin and neck it’s probably hormonal acne. 

You keep getting pimples in the same spot

Hormonal acne may manifest once a month and often reoccur in the same place because there is still inflammation deep in the skin- making the area vulnerable to acne triggers- like hormones (stress, diet, bacteria)

You’re dealing with painful cysts (versus blackheads and whiteheads).
Hormonal acne tends to present as deeper, more painful bumps under the skin surface and last longer when you experience acne as an adult.

A real psychological impact 

Although acne is practically a rite of passage in adolescence, an adult woman may struggle with the appearance of blemishes at this stage in life. Nearly 89%** of women with acne report feeling stressed about their skin problems. They describe a fear of judgment, the sense of taking a step backwards, low self-confidence, and much more. For 83%** of respondents, these flare-ups represent a real roadblock in their personal and professional development. 

Because hormonal acne is not always the same as acne that affects teenagers, we developed NEW Cleanance WOMEN. The range includes easy additions to your skincare routine to reduce blemishes, residual marks and improve skin texture. 

Step 1: Start your day right with our new Cleanance WOMEN Corrective serum. The mattifying and firming action of active ingredient P-Refinyl tightens pores and helps reduce excess sebum while lactic and glycolic acids smooths and refines skin texture. 

Use the Corrective Serum both morning and night after cleansing your face. Apply it to the face, neck and décolleté. Wait a couple minutes for the Serum to penetrate the skin. 


Step 2: Make beauty sleep the real deal with our Cleanance WOMEN Smoothing night cream. Powered by Retinaldehyde (a vitamin A derivative) to reduce the appearance of blemishes, spots and residual marks and enriched in active ingredient X-Pressin™ to smooth skin texture.

The gentle "cocoon" texture glides onto your skin, providing hydration throughout the night. By morning, pores are tightened, blemishes are reduced, and the complexion is more even and radiant. 

Use Cleanance Women Smoothing Night Cream as your post-serum moisturiser. 

Because it includes Retinaldehyde, you should only use the Smoothing Night Cream in the evening, avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily. It is not suitable for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. 


  1. Poli F, Dreno B, Verschoore M. An epidemiological study of acne in female adults: results of a survey conducted in France. J Eur Acad DermatolVenereol 2001 ;15 :541 – 5.
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** Rate of French women between the ages of 25 and 40 reporting to suffer from mild to moderate acne, according to a survey by Pierre Fabre Dermatology and CSA Santé in 2012 of 10,000 subjects.

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