Advice & Tips to make life simpler

Everyday cleansing & hydration for the whole family

Take care of your skin even when cleansing

  • Use lukewarm water instead of hot water which can make skin drier. Make sure it's not over 35°C!

  • Turn off the tap when applying products to avoid being in contact with tap water for too long- it is often hard and chlorinated. The upside: you're looking after the environment!

  • Use gentle, soap-free products like TriXera NUTRITION cleansing gel that prevents dryness and helps restore skin's natural barrier.

  • Dry yourself by gently patting skin with a towel.

Nourish your skin

  • If you have very dry skin, use a moisturiser every day to keep it soft, hydrated and protected.

  • Moisturiser is easier to apply after a shower or bath when the skin is softer.

  • Proper application of a moisturiser should leave the skin supple and silky, without feeling greasy or sticky.

  • The richness of moisturiser you need depends on your skin and the season! Use a lotion in spring and summer and a richer balm in the cooler months.

  • For a quick, even application, spread the moisturiser between both hands and apply it gently using the entire surface of the palm, massaging it in with large circular movements.

  • For them

    “For children that don’t like creams”

    • Start with the arms, legs or the back of the hands; that way your child will more readily accept having the emollient applied to their face.
    • When your child’s skin needs to be moisturised regularly, turn this chore into a game, such as the "mirror game": Stand in front of your child and apply your cream, telling them to mimic your movements. Then switch roles.
  • On holiday

    “Remember to moisturise”

    • By the pool: to prevent dryness caused by chlorine.
    • On a ski trip: to protect your skin and prevent dryness caused by the cold and winter winds.
    • Relaxation time: use your moisturiser for a relaxing massage or to soothe your child before going to sleep.
    • A must-have in your summer wardrobe: for silky skin and smooth legs after winter.

The TriXera Nutrition range is designed to make your everyday life easier

Make the most of your time!

  • Everyone can pitch in! Encourage your children to be independent and let them take part in the everyday morning/evening routine and household tasks.

For a relaxed and simple life

  • Get up earlier

  • Take a break! take some "me time" at least once a week to pamper yourself, let off steam, exercise, etc.

  • Disconnect! turn off the TV, computer, telephone - quiet time is important to help wind down before bed.

*TriXera Nutrition Lotion is suitable for children and adults, TriXera Nutrition Cleanser and Balm are suitable for babies, children and adults.
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