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"I’m a lover of winter but I dislike how it makes our skin dry. Luckily I’ve found a fabulous skincare range that solves that problem and is safe for the whole family. XeraCalm range nourishes and reduces itching sensations for eczema prone or sensitive skin. I love that the formula is very gentle and the cream and balm are preservative and fragrance free. They now come in a bigger size (400ml) with a easy pump application."


"No time for dry winter skin, The Avene XeraCalm is tested for sensitive skin and safe for our babies, it's calming and gentle and i love how soft all the kids skin has felt trialling this range for the first time."


"After bath rituals! Parker (and me) is loving this new range from @avene_au. It’s is safe for the whole family and perfect for sensitive skin. I use the face wash daily and my skin has been feeling amazing. Me and the kids use the balm and cream all over our bodies and it is helping so much with that winter dry skin issue I’m sure we all have!"


"Marlie snug as a bug after her new eczema routine. We’re obsessed with the bath oil cleanser. No more dry skin after a bath."


"Winter time always seems to make my sensitive skin flare up, so it was wonderful to come across the XeraCalm range. It’s gentle formula has been tested for sensitive skin . It nourishes and reduces itching sensations for eczema-prone and sensitive skin. Best of all the cream and balm are preservative and fragrance free and the cleanser is soap and fragrance free. XeraCalm is for babies and toddlers who like to copy mum!!"


"All of you can probably agree with me that winter can be absolute worst on skin. Thanks to @avene_au, Kyra is all smiles after using XeraCalm A.D range. Watch my story to see Kyra’s first impression of trying the XeraCalm products. Kyra’s favourite one is the XeraCalm balm, instantly her skin feels so soft and nourished that lasts all day! Love how it helps eliminate any redness, hydrates the driest skin with no greasy residue and reduces itching sensations which is perfect for eczema-prone or anyone with sensitive skin. So glad we got onto these, it’s a keeper!! Good bye flaky skin...hello nourished skin."


"Does anyone else suffer from dry and chapped skin in winter??
In winter, when the weather turns cold and humidity levels drop, your skin may not have enough protective oils on it to stop moisture from escaping. And when there isn’t enough water in the outermost layer of your skin, it becomes dry."


"My kids have inherited skin like mine (yay genetics) that gets dry in Winter so we’ve all been trying out the range from @avene_au and we’ve noticed a difference almost straight away! Perfect for windburn we’ve discovered the gentle formula is preservative and fragrance free so is fantastic for the whole family."


"Keeping the winter blues away with @avene_au Seriously loving their XeraCalm range, fragrance free and so hydrating!! The whole family has been using it, our fave is the replenishing balm."


"What does everyone else use for kids with dry, itchy skin and eczema? Imogen has had eczema in the past, Harry has dry and itchy skin and Molly has both. Over the years we have tried and tested numerous products with mixed results.....I’ve recently found out about @avene_au XeraCalm range and we have just started trialing it. It seems to have stopped the itching already which is great. What’s also great is the gentle formula, the easy to use pump packs and that it’s safe to use on babies and toddlers."


"I love a product that’s so gentle that even the smallest members of the family can use it. The Avène XeraCalm range is designed for dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin and we will be giving it a whirl over the next few weeks. I have such sensitive skin and this dry weather is causing it to go crazy so I’m particularly excited to try the XeraCalm Balm which is preservative and fragrance free."


"XeraCalm range is absolutely beautiful. Both the girls and I suffer from dry skin, particularly in winter, and after one week of using XeraCalm products our skin feels lovely and hydrated. The cream and balm are both preservative and fragrance free. XeraCalm has been tested on sensitive skin and is also safe for babies. Get on it friends x."

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