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15/11/2016 - Dossiers

8 Golden rules for completely safe skin care

Better to be safe than sorry... 8 survival rules for hypersensitive skin.

  1. Be wary of "paraben-free" products.
    Unfortunately this is not a true safety guarantee for the most sensitive skin. If a paraben-free product is not sterile, it most likely contains similar preservatives.

  2. Read the labels of cosmetic products before buying them.

  3. When faced with two similar products, choose the one with fewer ingredients.

  4. Don't be fooled by the "0% preservative" claim.
    The manufacturer may have excluded one of the preservatives officially listed in the European Directive, but this "0%" product will surely contain other ingredients that have preservative function. This is a problem for the most sensitive skin.

  5. Choose "Sterile Cosmetics" products.
    The label refers to an extremely demanding and restrictive production and packaging method. These are the only products completely free of all types of preservatives, parabens or fragrance. They contain only the essential: 8 ingredients for the Avène Tolérance Extrême cleansing lotion and 7 for the emulsion.

  6. Choose a very mild cleansing product instead of tap water.
    Tap water is often hard, and can cause skin dryness.

  7. Make sure your hands are clean and dry
    before using your skin care product.

  8. Always test new products on a small surface of the skin before applying regularly.
    This will prevent any bad reactions.

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