How about reconciling with your skin?


How about reconciling with your skin?

Clearing up your acne is a mission we take very seriously. And Cleanance skin care products continue to demonstrate our 30 year-long commitment to all acne-prone skin types.

Purify, correct, support or beautify oily or acne-prone skin in teenagers or adult: a complete range that guarantees efficacy and high tolerance, whether alone or in combination with a prescription treatment. Don't give up, Cleanance is your best ally in this fight!



The dermatologist-recommended skin care range that effectively and lastingly reduces excess oil, blemishes and blackheads.

Teenagers have a lot on their minds, from budding relationships to friends and the headache of schoolwork. At Eau Thermale Avène, we believe that blemishes shouldn’t be a concern to add on top of everything.

The Cleanance range provides expert solutions with clinically proven efficacy after 7 days1, to fight blackheads, blemishes and spots.

With Cleanance, take back control of your skin!

1Tolerance and efficacy study under dermatological control on 51 subjects, use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days.




Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemishes Concentrate

  • Clinically proven results from 7 days¹
  • Limits the recurrence of new blemishes

Cleanance Comedomed is a great way to fight blemishes and blackheads. Unlike other anti-blemish products, it not only reduces imperfections, but also acts at the root to limit their reappearance. The result? The vicious cycle of pimples is broken! 

1Tolerance and efficacy study under dermatological control on 51 subjects, use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days.

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My skincare, my hero!

90 %

Clearer skin after 7 days¹


helps reduce the appearance of spots¹


Blemishes after two months²

1% of satisfaction – User test on 51 subjects – Comedomed applied twice daily.
2Comparative study conducted on 36 subjects (aged 18-34) under dermatological control for 56 days. One untreated control group (N=18), one group treated twice a day with Cleanance Comedomed (N=18).



Cleansing Gel

  • Gently cleanse the skin
  • Deeply cleanses to remove impurities which block pores and reduces excess sebum, without drying out the skin.

The facial cleansing step is the foundation of caring for skin with imperfections! Cleanance Cleansing Gel helps to purify and mattify the skin without damaging it. It gently eliminates impurities that contribute to clogging pores (dust, pollution particles, make-up) and reduces excess sebum that causes pimples, leaving the skin clear and fresh.

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Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion

Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion

Hydrates - Mattifies - Reduces blemishes

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At the heart of our range

  • <h4 class="">Comedoclastin&trade;</h4><p>Limits the transformation of sebaceous follicles into micro blackheads.</p>
    Comedoclastin™Limits the transformation of sebaceous follicles into micro blackheads.
  • <h4 class="">Av&egrave;ne Thermal Spring Water</h4><p>Provides all its soothing and softening properties.<br> </p>
    Avène Thermal Spring WaterProvides all its soothing and softening properties.

Dermatological innovation

A new plant-based key ingredient: COMEDOCLASTIN™

This unique key ingredient provides a unique response and works to reduce blemishes and blackheads.  It reduces pimples and limits their reappearance by acting at a key stage in the blemish formation process, right from the root. By preventing the sebaceous follicles from turning into micro blackheads, it helps to keep pimples at bay.

An innovation with patented* properties, exclusively developed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Comedoclastin™ is derived from milk thistle seeds. 


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Cleanance WOMEN

Cleanance efficacy adapted to the life (and skin) of adults.

Mostly associated with adolescence, pimples and blemishes also affect adults, but in a different form. These are mainly inflammatory blemishes, often located on the lower part of the face, which take some time to disappear.  

The skin of adult women is sensitive, combination or dry and particularly prone to the aggressions of daily life. It can react with areas of shine, dilated pores and lead to the appearance or persistence of imperfections. It’s difficult to cope with these imperfections, as they can undermine self-confidence and sometimes leave behind the bitter taste of déjà vu...

Our Laboratory has therefore used its expertise to create Cleanance Women, the new anti-blemish routine dedicated to adults. 



Refine skin texture and tighten pores

Corrective Serum

  • Helps reduce blemishes, refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of pores
  • Fresh, light texture for soft, supple skin

Having imperfections doesn't mean you're any less of a woman. 
To start off your day right, apply the Corrective Serum. A real concentrate, this corrective and tightening serum helps to reduce blemishes and refine skin texture without compromising on the pleasure of use. Thanks to P-Refinyl™ and glycolic acid, this serum tightens pores and refines your skin texture. 

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Refine skin texture and tighten pores



Smoothing Night Cream

  • Helps to reduce blemishes, spots and residual marks and helps to smooth the skin texture
  • Non-greasy "cocoon" texture for hydrated skin

To sleep even more peacefully, adopt the Smoothing Night Cream as part of your evening routine and let the formula work throughout the night. This night cream will be tough on your blemishes while providing comfort and nourishment. Enriched with Retinaldehyde, a dermatological key ingredient that has been recognised for over 30 years, it helps reduce blemishes, spots and residual dark marks for more even and beautiful skin. 

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Teenagers, young adults, parents of teenagers: you’re not alone when it comes to acne-prone skin. Pimples shouldn’t be a source of concern, whatever your age. More than ever, Avène Laboratoire Dermatologique is here for you. 

"The gift of soothing", our brand signature, is the mantra that guides our Laboratory in all its research and its perpetual quest for innovation. Thus, we’ve been able to develop our range of products to become the only dermo-cosmetic range for oily skin with imperfections that responds in a complete and specific way to all stages of acne. 

Since we’re fully aware of the psychological repercussions they can have, we’re also here to heal the scars that are invisible to the naked eye.

To help you live with greater peace of mind, here are some everyday tips for all ages that can change everything!

Tip #1 

Once you've found the right products for your skin, the most important thing is to apply them daily. Consistency rhymes with efficacy! Apply your moisturisers every day after cleansing your skin. Efficacy also means simplicity! Don't use too many products. Keep your routine simple and the results will be even better. 


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Tip #2

You can wear make-up when you have pimples, as long as you use non-comedogenic make-up and remove your make-up EVERY NIGHT! A little makeover has several advantages: first, you have the opportunity to conceal your imperfections for greater peace of mind. Second, when you wear make-up, you’re much less likely to pick at your pimples! 


Tip #3

There is no secret. To feel better about yourself, it’s important to gain peace of mind. In this case, exercise can become your best friend!   Exercising improves your health, helps you sleep better, eliminates toxins more easily and reduces stress. All these good things contribute to better skin quality!


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Do you have a question or concern? We’re always here for you

This is sometimes true, especially in the case of hormonal teenage acne. But it is also possible for acne to persist into adulthood. In this case, women are mainly affected.* *Poli F, Dreno B, Verschoore M. An epidemiological study of acne in female adults: results of a survey conducted in France. J Eur Acad DermatolVenereol 2001;15:541-5. Hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy) are triggers for acne breakouts, as well as UV radiation, dust and air pollution—all of which can influence acne. It’s important to react quickly and not to hesitate to consult a health professional in order to get good advice.

When it comes to acne scars, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: getting rid of them is a long and costly process, involving laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion... The best option is therefore to have a well-adapted and effective anti-blemish routine. The less blemishes there are, the less scars there will be!
Fortunately, there are dual-action skin care products that reduce blemishes, spots and residual marks and help smooth the skin texture, such as the Cleanance WOMEN Smoothing Night Cream.

Wearing a mask can suffocate the skin, which can make it more susceptible to breakouts.
Our advice: Hygiene is essential, both morning and evening. Reinforce the skin's hydration, but with products for oily or acne-prone skin that will moisturise while reducing imperfections and limiting their reappearance. And be sure to wear a clean mask every day, as it can become saturated with cosmetics and creams, which will make it more irritating and comedogenic.

1 Clinical assessment by dermatologist conducted on 51 subjects – Comedomed applied twice daily. 2Comedomed 30 ml - #1 in the anti-seborrheic market in pharmacies. IQVIA Pharmatrend PharmaOne - Market 83A Anti-seborrheic products in pharmacies in France - October 2019 - in value. Comedomed 30 ml - #1 in pharmacies, on the anti-seborrheic market prescribed by doctors. IQVIA-Xponent PharmaOne - in France, pharmacies - Month: November 2019 - in value - market scope: Anti-seborrheic products (Class 83A). 3International observational clinical study, 90% of patients without acne relapse at T6 months, (according to the definition of relapse in the protocol GEA≥3 requiring the introduction of an oral or local drug treatment), 48 subjects, 2 applications per day of Cleanance Comedomed alone for 6 months. 4 Comparative study conducted on 36 subjects (aged 18-34) under dermatological control for 56 days. One untreated control group (N=18), one group treated twice a day with Cleanance Comedomed (N=18).

*Patent registered

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