High efficacy without compromising on tolerance and safety
For the health of sensitive skin

For the health of sensitive skin

High efficacy without compromising on tolerance and safety

For more than 30 years, our teams have been driven by a single concern: improving the quality of life of those who have sensitive, intolerant or allergy-prone skin. We are thus guided by a single, collective priority – to offer you quality, effective, safe and well-tolerated dermo-cosmetic skincare products.

Our formulas: Getting to the point

Our demand for quality, our demand for a response adapted to the needs of your sensitive skin, push us to go beyond the rules set by the health authorities around cosmetics. We take care to get to the point by placing Avène Thermal Spring Water at the heart of all our products. 100% of our products are therefore formulated with just the right number of ingredients selected for their safety and efficacy. For the most demanding skin types, we offer moisturising products without preservatives and without fragrance, thanks to an original manufacturing standard: Sterile Cosmetics.

Our formulation charter, the interview with our expert, Catherine Bidan

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For safe products

We set up evaluations, tests and clinical studies conducted under dermatological control to guarantee quality, effective, safe and well-tolerated dermo-cosmetic products. Some of these studies are the subject of scientific publications in international medical journals. In addition to what we do when we develop our products, we have expert cosmetovigilance teams to ensure your safety when using our products after they are launched on the market.

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Complete transparency: our ingredients

We rigorously select our ingredients for their safety, efficacy and tolerance in our products. We also make sure that we listen to your questions about the use of certain ingredients that may be or have been the subject of discussion. We invite you to open up our tubes, bottles and jars to find out more about our choices, particularly with regard to these so-called controversial ingredients.

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