The sun, 109 times bigger than the Earth, provides the energy and light necessary for life on Earth: via photosynthesis for plants, and vitamin D for us humans.

The sun reaches us through the sun's rays, especially UV rays, which make up more than half of the solar spectrum. These rays are the ones that come into contact with our skin, whether for better (healthy complexion, Vitamin D top up) or worse (sunburn, skin ageing, allergies, increased risk of skin cancer, acne worsening, and more).

It’s important to know the rules of sun exposure and good practices to adopt from a young age in order to ensure sun safety. Sun protection, clothing and a high factor sunscreen, is the best way to protect your precious ability to resist sun damage. Remember, you only have one chance!


The low down

Protecting our future

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Choosing the right sun protection

There are many types of sunscreen types available to suit your needs according to your skin type and area to protect. Are you looking for a spray, a cream or a fluid to protect your face and/or your body? Our laboratories have developed a wide range of SPF 50+ protection for your sensitive skin. 

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Protecting the skin

Know the rules of sun exposure to protect your skin in every environment: whether at the beach or the pool, in the city or the bush, during summer or winter, soothe your skin after being out in the sun. All the things you need to know to keep your and your children's skin safe from the sun. For 30 years, Eau Thermale Avène has been innovating by creating increasingly effective suncare products with optimal tolerance to protect all sensitive skin types.

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