Baby care

Baby care

Your baby’s skin is fragile and delicate. We offer you baby products that comply with a very demanding quality and tolerance charter. For baby care that’s as soft as a caress!

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Don’t worry, if well-treated, nappy rash will disappear in three to four days.


Which products should I choose for my baby?

Which product should I use to wash my baby?

For your young children, products containing allergens or irritants should be avoided. Also, conventional soaps are too aggressive for a baby's skin.


Avène Laboratore Dermatologique has therefore designed two ranges of hygiene products suitable for baby’s skin with a minimalist composition, and fragrance and soap-free, for good tolerability:

Which product should you use for nappy changing?

Infants are changed almost ten times a day for the first few weeks, then four to five times a day thereafter. Choosing adapted and ultra-tolerant baby products is therefore essential for protecting your little one from redness, irritation and nappy rash.

Use Avène Thermal Spring Water to hydrate and soothe your baby's face and body in a single step. Bonus: there’s no need to rinse! It is the ideal product to carry in your changing bag for changing your baby’s nappy even when out and about.

If your child has a nappy rash, Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream will be ideal for soothing the irritation.

Which baby care product should you use?

At birth, the skin of newborns is not yet mature and, therefore, very fragile when exposed to external aggressors and unsuitable cosmetic products. Their skin barrier also secretes less sebum than an adult’s and, therefore, makes the epidermis prone to dehydration and dryness.

This is why you need to hydrate your baby’s skin daily with a suitable cream. Our products suitable for babiesare also designed to respond to common conditions in our little ones:

Use in the morning and evening and keep it on your baby’s changing table. Use this moisturising routine to massage your baby: an important way to bond with your baby for mothers and fathers.

Avène Thermal Spring Water completes every skincare routine for a softening and soothing action.

For persistent skin problems after leaving the maternity ward, we recommend that you consult a paediatrician for a personalised dermatological skincare routine.

Which sun care products should you use on babies?

Regardless of their skin tone, babies have thin, fragile skin that should be protected as much as possible from sun exposure by clothing, a hat and an umbrella.

Young skin has a low melanin content and is particularly vulnerable to the sun's UV rays. Suncare products with SPF 50+ complement the protection of clothing in areas at risk of exposure.

Our laboratory has designed a sensitive skin. Discover our Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF50+. 


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