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Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water, naturally soothing, softening, is rich in components particularly recommended for the most sensitive skin.


Following a journey of over 40 years, Avène Thermal Spring Water wells up, clear and pure, is collected and directed towards the production plant where the Avène Dermatological Laboratories products are manufactured.


Avène Dermatological Laboratories design formulas and develop innovative techniques to soothe the most sensitive skin.

Avène Thermal Spring Water
  • Unique and constant composition, the Avène Thermal Spring Water emerges from the ground at a rate of up to 70 000 liters per hour (18492 gallons).     
  • Low mineral composition 206 mg/l.
  • Calcium/Magnesium bicarbonate profile (ratio Ca/Mg = 2).
  • Rich in silica: 10.6 mg/l.
  • Very rich in trace elements.
  • Neutral pH:  7.5.
About Avène Thermal Spring Water

  • 1996: Tolerance extreme, a breakthrough. The very first cosmetic product to be totally sterile and formulated using a minimum number of pure ingredients, packaged in a Class A environment (the highest level in technological requirements).
  • 2010: The D.E.F.I. patent. This patent rewards a new closure system for tubes and guarantees total protection. The product remains sterile during the entire time it is used without any preservatives and in any size tube.

Even though Avène Thermal Spring Water has yet to unveil all its secrets, most were uncovered in the past 30 years of research conducted by the Avène Dermatological Laboratories.

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