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Range dedicated to dry to very dry skin in the whole family.


Questions / Answers
  • • “Common” dry skin The most frequent. Several causes: Aging (especially on the arms and legs), climatic conditions (dry cold in winter, wind and sun), cleansers containing harsh emulsifiers…
    • Pathological dry skin It is important to first do a diagnostic in order to eliminate possible isolated causes that could be eliminated quickly (by switching cleansers or using a moisturizer). Your dermatologist can then recommend the best treatment for your dry skin.

  • Yes, although it is not the only issue: You cannot rehydrate the skin’s superficial layer by just drinking water or wetting the skin. Lipids (fats) are also necessary for the moisture to stick.

  • Yes. Sun exposure is an aggression (burn). The skin reacts by making pigments (the tan) and getting thicker. The dryness is transitory, caused by an increase in water loss and thickening.

  • Yes. Certain waters have a high level of limestone: They are called “hard” waters. They can worsen the drying effect of cleansers. One can either soften the water by using specific devices or use ultra-rich products.

  • The goal is to nourish and moisturize the skin while reducing aggressions and irritations. For cleansing, avoid soaps, use bars or ultra-rich gels instead, enriched in protecting and moisturizing ingredients. For moisturizing, emollients moisturize and nourish the skin while ensuring a good cohesion of the epidermis, necessary for the proper functioning of the protective skin barrier. It is important to use emollients often, ideally on a daily basis.

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