My child
has eczema

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My child scratches a lot, so I attached a piece of velcro to the inside of her school bag for her to scratch instead.


We don't use a washcloth to clean Sacha anymore. We use our hands, which are softer and also cleaner.


To stop my son from scratching and damaging his skin,we put his hands in very soft mittens at night, and sometimes during the day. I give him a squishy toy to keep his hands busy so he doesn't take them off.

L'atopie en détails


In the beginning

Matthew and Harry were born with eczema. At 3 months old, they were diagnosed with severe eczema. The first 5 years of their life was really difficult dealing with chronic allergies and severe eczema – a daily struggle to keep them comfortable and infection free. Weather extremes triggered irritations.

“When my eczema was really bad, I couldn’t go outside, I couldn’t go to my friends house and I couldn’t go to school.”

Severe eczema

The boys had to wear bandages and special clothing to protect their skin from infections and tried many creams to ease their symptoms.

“It was a lot of work when my eczema was really bad. We had to have bandages on 24/7 and I just ripped them off.” Harry

Avène Hydrotherapy Centre

At 5 years old, the twins travelled to the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre for 21 days of intense hydrotherapy treatment, including underwater massage and localised sprays of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

“When my skin is itchy, I use things to distract myself like toys or lego, and I use the XeraCalm at least once a day” Matthew

The results

The results far exceeded their hopes and dreams, resulting in a drastic reduction in the amount of medication they boys took. The boys skin was soft, smooth and less itchy.

“My advice for other kids who have eczema, is to apply creams twice a day because that’s what I do.” Harry

Avène & XeraCalm A.D

Life after Avène was so much more fun, and their eczema so much easier to manage. For Matthew and Harry, XeraCalm has improved their quality of life and reduce their symptoms of eczema.

“When I came home from Avène, I felt much better. My skin was very smooth and I didn’t feel itchy at all. And I still feel like that to this day.” Harry

In the beginning

Severe eczema

Avène Hydrotherapy Centre

The results

Avène & XeraCalm A.D

Eau thermale Avène

Dermatological expertise
dedicated to your child's skin

Discover the Avène Hydrotherapy CentreBouton plus

XeraCalm A.D,
providing support for dry, eczema-prone skin.

Tested on over 7,000 people.
XeraCalm A.D immediately soothes, nourishes and eliminates itching sensations* for up to 5 days1..

A larger size, for daily use.


Bigger and easier to use.

400 ml

XeraCalm A.D,
guaranteeing high-quality skin care.

In order to leave out nasty preservatives and use only essential ingredients, we've developed a unique process called Sterile Cosmetics.

It treats the skin barrier and microflora with maximum respect.

The Sterile Cosmetics process prevents the formula from being contaminated.
The quality of the cream remains the same, from the first use to the last.

The advice given on this platform is not intended to replace advice from your doctor.

1. Average time for itching disapperance - Phase IV study on 1,711 subjects (France and French overseas territories,) with moderate to severe xerosis and pruritus - Use of XeraCalm A.D (Cream or Balm) once or twice a day for 7 days, alone or in combination with topical and/or systemic treatments (75% of subjects used XeraCalm A.D alone)
*Caused by skin dryness.

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