Françoise, patient at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre for post-cancer treatment
Every person’s skin has its own story

Every person’s skin has its own story

Françoise, patient at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre for post-cancer treatment

Either as a patient, or accompanying a patient, they have followed a regime and experienced the benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water, as well as advice from expert teams at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre. Discover Françoise’s testimonial. Her thermal skin solution was a moment of respite.

How did you discover the post-cancer treatment at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre? 

It all started with a round-table meeting on thermal treatments organised by Maison Rose in Bordeaux, a place dedicated to women affected by cancer. When I heard the testimonies, the stories of treatments that were physically and psychologically healing, I told myself that I would need this at the end of my medical treatments. The description of the landscapes near Avène, and the Piedmont side, finally convinced me. And as someone who likes walking, I was not disappointed.

How was your experience of the thermal treatment at Avène?

Like a moment of respite. I came without really knowing how the post-cancer treatment would work for me because I don't have major skin problems. Since undergoing chemotherapy and my breast operation, I have particularly suffered from a sensitive scalp and a feeling of heaviness in the arm and tingling in the hand on the operated side. I discovered completely personalised treatment programs prescribed to me by my doctor. The thermal spring water shower massaged the affected internal tissues, the bath relaxed me and made me feel good. I also had massage sessions and gym classes with a physiotherapist. And as for my fragile scalp, I also bought a specific product to take home with me. After a week, I was already seeing clear improvement.

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And three weeks after this thermal treatment, how do you feel?

I was able to completely switch off. I was able to interact with other people undergoing the post-cancer treatment. That was really important for me. My scalp is less dry and my arm feels much less numb, it is lighter. I hope that the beneficial effects will continue at home, I know that the after-effects of medical treatments can last. But I’m coming back next year, that’s for sure. I have already contacted the owner of a cottage to book it.

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One place: the pedestrian walkway that goes from the Hydrotherapy Centre to the village of Avène

One skin solution: the physiotherapist massage

One discovery: the restaurant Auberge de Madale in the region (OR the many small local and organic producers in the region)


A little bit more info

Why can thermal treatment be beneficial after undergoing oncological treatment?

In addition to the surgery itself, or even breast reconstruction, which can leave unsightly or painful scars, oncological treatments (radiotherapy, conventional chemotherapy and/or new targeted therapies) can have side effects on the skin: dry skin, lesions, radiodermatitis, etc. Thermal treatment can then be beneficial for restoring comfort and health to the skin.

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