Sustainable innovation From the source to your skin

From the Avène-les-Bains basin to your hands, Eau Thermale Avène is committed. Each link in the production chain is part of a continuous improvement approach: raw materials, suppliers, production plant, transport, formulas, and packaging. At each stage in the life cycle of our products, we try to make a positive contribution to environmental and societal issues.

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Raw materials and ingredients

  • Local production directly connected to the source to preserve the purity of Avène Thermal Spring Water, whose benefits for sensitive skin have been proven by more than 150 scientific and clinical studies.
  • 35% of the raw materials manufactured in France and 43% in Europe¹.
  • 86% of our packaging is made in France and 13% in Europe².   
  • Milk thistle seeds are used to produce the plant-based key ingredient in the Cleanance Comedomed anti-blemish concentrate, which uses co-products as part of a circular economy approach to producing cosmetic ingredients in particular.


1 – 2019 data – Europe = European Union, England and Switzerland, outside France

2 – 2019 data – Europe = European Union, outside France



  • 100% of our suppliers rated on their water and carbon footprint.
  • 100% of our suppliers rated on CSR criteria since 2011.
  • 72% of our suppliers of raw materials and 80% of our packaging suppliers evaluated and/or certified for their environmental management³.   
  • 82% of purchases made by the Avène production plant are from local companies in France and over 50% of these purchases are made in the Occitanie region.


3 – 2019 data – Suppliers assessed according to Ecovadis and/or ISO 26000 and/or ISO 14001 standards

4 – 2019 data – Avène production plant purchases


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Avène-les-Bains production plant 

  • 50% reduction in the area’s water consumption since 2012⁵.
  • 100% of power consumption comes from renewable energy sources, with no direct CO2 emissions.
  • 98% of waste is reused⁶.   
  • 73 million products manufactured in the Avène production plant, certified ISO 14001 for environmental management⁶.

Data: 5 – Factory and hydrotherapy centre – versus 2019 6 – 2019 data



  • Since 2015, optimisation of transport between the Avène factory (Hérault) and our distribution centre in Muret (Haute-Garonne). Between 2015 and 2019, 30% fewer lorries are used between the factory and the distribution centre.
  • 2021 objective: 50% less air transport⁷.

Data: 7 – Versus 2015

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  • French local production⁸.
  • 0% preservatives, 0% fragrance in Sterile Cosmetics products.
  • For each reformulation, we select only what is needed at the right dose with the aim of reducing the number of ingredients.   
  • Biodegradable formula⁹ for 90% of our rinse-off products. From 2021, 100% of new rinse-off and leave-on skincare products will be eco-designed.
  • SPF50+ sun care products formulated with minimal sun filters .


8 – Excluding specific products in the Couvrance range

9 – OCDE 301B test, excluding specific products



  • 100% of paper and cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • 100% of our bottles and aerosols are recyclable. 
  •  Today, 93% of our packaging is recyclable, by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be part of a circular economy and reusable or recyclable.
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Acting today, to do even better tomorrow

We strive to take action today to do even better tomorrow. Through these actions, we have come a long way towards more sustainable development. We need to continue with it. We do this by listening to changes in environmental and societal issues. We also do this by listening to you,our partners, and healthcare professionals. 

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