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Think saying goodbye to your teens means saying goodbye to acne? For a lot of women, it’s just not the case- more than 1 in 3 women experience acne for the first time in adulthood.  Hormonal acne commonly appears in adult women aged 20-40 and is linked to (you guessed it) your hormones which is why hormonal acne can vary throughout the month.

Just to make things trickier, hormonal acne can also be triggered by more than just hormonal changes, so think holistically! Here are some tips:


The food you eat plays a major role in the health of your skin. Some foods such as white bread, processed foods and simple sugars can cause inflammation in your body. They are digested quickly and increase insulin secretion, triggering sebum hyperproduction, which is a potential aggravating factor in hormonal acne

What’s the solution?

Eat the rainbow! Opt for a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.


The sun

Although sun exposure appears to improve skin quality momentarily, it does anything but! This frenemy actually dries out the skin, leads to sebum overproduction and ultimately makes the skin thicker. The result? Dead skin cells accumulate and block sebum from escaping through the pores. 

What’s the solution?

Apply SPF 50+ every day, no matter what! Sun protection helps you guard against photo-aging while helping to avoid the “rebound effect” (the sudden appearance of spots after sun exposure).



Stress is the skin’s nemesis. When you feel anxious, you secrete hormones like cortisol, along with endorphins and insulin. These different elements can affect sebum production, which can then triggers flare-ups of inflammatory spots. 

What’s the solution?

Try and relax! To start, try to maintain a sleep pattern of seven to nine hours a night, as fatigue can stimulates symptoms of anxiety. Then, make time for activities that make you feel good and help you refocus your energy, such as yoga, meditation, reading or running... Whatever activity you choose, each moment spent taking care of yourself will have long-term skin gains so lock in some time for some self-care!


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