Lip makeup

Lip makeup

Discover our Lip Perfector Balms, our lip products, combining the colour of a lipstick and the comfort of a lip balm. Colour, nourishment and shine to enhance even the most sensitive lips.

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How do you choose the right lipstick for you?

Why should I choose a tinted lip balm?

A symbol of femininity that enhances the beauty of your smile, lipstick is an essential makeup product. However, this small area of our face is also subject to external aggressors, resulting in chapped or dry lips. The exact opposite of the glamorous effect we were looking for!  

To address this issue, Eau Thermale Avène has formulated a two-in-one , that moisturises while giving your lips a pop of colour.

Extremely easy to apply, it’s ideal for women looking for a natural makeup look and a hint of colour for their lips.

Couvrance Lip Perfector Balms combine the pigment of a lipstick, the care of a lip balm and the shine of a gloss for a beautiful mouth every day. Their high-tolerance, fragrance-free formulation with SPF 20 sun protection is suitable for sensitive and irritated lips.

As an added bonus, they are also water, transfer and sweat-resistant for long-lasting wear for all your outings!

What colour lipstick should I choose?

The colour of your Couvrance lip care product is determined by your skin tone, your mood and your eye make-up:

  • The Soft Nude shade is suitable for women who are looking for a subtle effect or for women with very heavy makeup (smoky eyes).
  • A pink lipstick, in this case, Velvet Pink, adapts to all skin tones to offer an elegant lip look.
  • Red lips with Bright Red are perfect for revealing your femininity or compensating for light eye makeup.

How do you apply the lip products?

To make everyday life easier for women in a hurry, Couvrance Perfector Balms are applied directly with the stick. Putting on lipstick has never been so easy!

Spread the colour from the centre of the upper lip, at the Cupid's bow, towards the corners of the mouth. Repeat for the lower lip.

Several successive applications allow for an even finish and more intense lip pigmentation. Ideal for enhancing your lips before a party!

If you do slip-up, lip makeup is easily corrected using this makeup artist trick – soak a cotton swab with foundation or concealer and rub out any excess.

For a fuller look, line your lips with the Couvrance Beige Concealer Brush. This illuminating brush dedicated to concealing your imperfections will brighten the edge of your lips to give them added volume and allow for improved lasting-power.

Finally, lip products always look better on well-looked-after lips than on damaged lips. Even if your lipstick seems to have faded, don't miss the makeup removal step in the evening with a gentle makeup remover suitable for sensitive skin. Feel free to also reinforce, nourish and moisturise your lips at night or on Sundays at home with a thick layer of lip balm.

How do you make lip products last all day?

To make your lipstick, or Lip Perfector Balm last all day, here are some makeup tips:

  • Line your lips with the Couvrance Beige Concealer Brush.
  • You can also apply a light coat of Couvrance Foundation all over your mouth to provide a base on which the lipstick will better cling.
  • Spray the Thermal Spring Water Spray 20cm from your face to fix makeup on the lips and the rest of the face.

Finally, the Lip Perfector Balms are so practical that touch-ups are quick and easy after a meal or a drink.

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