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Unique Formula

SUCRALFATE: helps restore and protect damaged skin and isolates the lesion from external environmental aggressors

COPPER-ZINC SULFATE: promotes a healthy skin environment for optimal recovery

AVÈNE THERMAL SPRING WATER: soothes, softens and calms the skin


A lightweight, soothing emulsion that restores skin without causing further irritation. Formulated for use after superficial dermatological procedures, including laser, peel and hair removal, its transparent texture goes on smooth without leaving a greasy finish.

Laser Treatments Chemical peels

How to use:
Apply at least twice a day after cleansing and drying skin, right after the dermatological procedure.
Continue until the skin is completely repaired.

Cicalfate Post Procedure

    Creamy, non-greasy and non-sticky texture

    Transparent on application, rapid penetration time

    Helps soothe and restore damaged skin

    Fragrance-free - Paraben-free

“I’ve used Cicalfate for years for irritated skin - the thick emulsion has always been super soothing and healing, so the new CIcalfate Post-Procedure launch makes perfect sense. I recently trialed it after laser facial left my skin peeling and feeling like sandpaper. It’s a lighter, smoother texture than the original that melts soothingly into the skin with a reassuringly hydrating creaminess.”

Sigourney Cantelo

Founder/Editor, Beauticate

Sigourney Cantelo
Cicalfate Post Procedure
Cicalfate Post Procedure
Cicalfate Post Procedure
Cicalfate Skin Care Range