Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum


Restores the skin barrier - Calms - Hydrates

Avène Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum is a concentrated recovery serum that instantly soothes sensitive skin¹.

Intense skin recovery serum significantly decreases tightness, tingling, burning and heat sensations, redness, dryness and general discomfort.

Pro-Vitamin B5 helps restore the skin barrier and TRP-Regulin helps reduce skin discomfort.

Pipette bottle

Usable by Adults

Age From 18 year(s)

Skin type Sensitive skin

Need Protection - Soothing - Hydration

Made in France


Frequency of use

2 times a day

Apply 1 to 2 drops to the face, eye contour, neck and décolleté, morning and/or evening. Use after cleansing and before usual skincare. Use in combination with Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream for optimal results.

Ingredients Ingredients


The consumer is advised to systematically check the composition of the product before purchasing it.



Relieves sensations of discomfort and improves the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin.

Avène Thermal Spring Water


Clinically proven by 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin.


• Instantly calms skin¹
• Immediately soothes tightness and tingling¹
• Reduces tightness in 60 seconds³
• Reduces skin redness in 60 seconds³
• Helps restore² and reinforces the skin barrier¹
• Skin hypersensitivity is reduced by 94%¹
• -93% reduction in skin irritability¹ (due to skin dryness)

• Skin is calmed 97%
• Soothes stinging, tingling and sensations of tightness by 97%
• Reduces burning sensations by 100%
• Reduces general discomfort by 99%

¹In-use tolerance study under dermatological and ophthalmological controls and efficacy assessment on 35 subjects product applied twice daily for 21 days.
²In a dry skin context - Evaluation of tolerance repair serum on skin barrier repair of sensitized epidermis after dehydration stress
³Clinical Study Report – In-use tolerance study under dermatological and ophthalmological controls and efficacy assessment. Version n° 1 – Date: 21/04/2022

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Your reviews on  Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum

Your reviews on Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum

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Gentle and Calming Serum

I was given the opportunity to trial this intensive skin recovery serum from Avene with thanks. I am 49 with fair and dry/dehydrated skin. Currently my skin is a little sensitive and barrier compromised from tretinoin usage. Receiving this was a godsend and I had high expectations for this serum. Firstly packaging is clean and easy to read instructions are on the box. Basic style dropper in a 30ml glass bottle. The serum is a milky coloured medium weight liquid, not thin but not thick either. I like that it is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog my pores and it’s ingredients are 96% natural origin. There is no smell so I assume it’s fragrance free. I have been using this for 3 weeks every day morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturiser. It’s easy to use, I use about 1/2 to 3/4 dropper size on my whole face, neck and under the eyes. No stinging or burning, it’s easy to spread, dries down quickly, leaves no sticky residue so it absorbed well which I like. Skin felt calmer and less irritated, not tight which I liked a lot . I felt there was a little improvement in comfort and sensitivity but not a huge massive difference in moisture or redness. I will continue to use it all up and hope my redness will improve but you definitely need to apply a moisturiser on top plus sunscreen in the day for the hydration and protection your skin needs. I would recommend this to friends and family and most likely purchase again because of how gentle and calming my skin felt overall. Thankyou BeautyCrew

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Soothing gamechanger

I have been increasing my frequency in retinol use which before this serum would leave my skin really compromised. It was perpetually irritated after only 1-2 days use for several days. This serum has been a game-changer for me and I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to trial and discover it. Coupled with consistent use of this serum I did not experience the same intense irritation. I barely noticed any irritation at all and was confident enough to continue increasing the frequency in use of my retinol serum, because this serum helped soothe my skin in between days of use. I use only one drop each time so despite the high price tag I think this serum is definitely worth the purchase because you do not need much and it has lasted much longer than I originally thought it would. The consistency is very watery light and it absorbs quite quickly. It also has no fragrance.

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Instantly smoother skin

I received Avene Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum and was excited to try it as I have sensitive skin that dries out easily and I'm prone to red, irritated patches. I was immediately pleased to feel how soft my skin felt when I applied the serum and really happy with how easy it was to fit into my routine. Throughout the trial period my skin felt smooth and soft and it was not the least by irritated by the product. Red patches were soothed quickly. I am definitely adding this to my bathroom cabinet on the regular.

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Very impressed with the results

I received this product to review and honestly have found it to be amazing. I’m usually very nervous about adding in new things to my routine because I always break out and end up with red patches, but this did none of that.
Upon the first use my skin felt so soft and it has just been great. It is easy to use and I feel like it has definitely made a big difference in my skin.
I also really liked that after using the product that it absorbed nicely and didn’t leave any oily residue on my skin.
This is definitely something I would recommend to my friends and family because I have been really impressed with the results.

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Helped combat dryness of cheeks

I received the Avene Tolerance Control Intensive Skin Recovery Serum and used the product for 3 weeks day and night after cleansing and under my moisturiser. I do have slight rosacea and often in winter my skin tends to feel a little dry. I tried the Serum and found it fragrance free, and one squeeze from the dropper was enough to cover my face and neck area. It felt light and spread easily. It absorbed quickly and easily and I was able to follow with my moisturiser without delay. Using the serum actually helped combat the dryness I used to experience in the past and my skin felt soft and comfortable. It helped reduce the redness in my cheeks slightly. I'll continue to use the product during these winter months to keep dryness at bay.

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