Reduce and alleviate
the side effects of cancer
treatment on your skin.

It's possible.

Cancer treatment has changed considerably over the last few years: alongside surgery, radiotherapy and “conventional” chemotherapies, cancer specialists now have a range of new, effective treatments, providing targeted action on the multiplication of cancerous cells, the vascularisation of tumors and anti-tumor immunity. (See more)

These therapeutic innovations have a significant impact on the way the disease develops and the quality of life to which patients can aspire.

However, this breakthrough in terms of efficacy is unable to overcome a certain number of side effects related to the way these molecules react. Side effects range from mild discomfort to extremely disabling situations which can even prevent patients from continuing with the cancer treatment itself. These side effects very often affect the skin: intense dryness, inflammation and pain in contact zones, crevices, cracking and acneiform eruptions are among the most frequently observed reactions.

There are solutions to help alleviate the unpleasant side effects on the skin caused by cancer medicines and, in some cases, radiotherapy. These easy-to-use back-up treatments are based on dermo-cosmetics that meet the most stringent quality requirements. Used in conjunction with recommendations about how best to care for your skin, they have become an essential complement to allow patients to continue their cancer treatments whilst minimising skin discomfort and preserving quality of life.

Consultant Dermatologist Avène Dermatological Laboratories

Avène thermal
spring water

Alleviate discomfort, with water that is soothing by nature.

Benefit from the soothing, softening properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water day after day.
Your trusted ally for sensitive skin. Keep the spray in the refrigerator to increase
its calming effect against sensations of burning or itching.

  • Before radiotherapy
    Spray directly onto the skin and leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then dry by dabbing gently.
  • If you have skin irritation and inflammation
    Spray directly onto the irritated areas, on both the face and body, leave for 5 to 10 minutes, then dry by dabbing gently before applying your skin care product.
  • If you suffer from irritations of the oral mucosa
    Spray onto the affected area as often as required, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • In more severe cases**
    Apply compresses soaked in Avène Thermal Spring Water for 10 to 15 minutes on the areas to be soothed.
  • Reduction in
    skin sensitivity*
    • -30% FROM 5 MINS
    • -64% DURING THE 1ST WEEK
*Dermatological study carried out on 6,368 subjects with sensitive skin. Simple, non-pathological sensitive skin with inflammatory dermatosis or following a superficial dermatological procedure. Evaluation over 7 days, with an application twice/day. Application of spray alone or in combination with drug-based treatments and/or other cosmetic products.
**Dryness or irritations resulting from radiotherapy, redness, skin rashes, itchiness due to dry skin.




    Eau Thermale Avène is proud to be supporting the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, a non-profit charity that provides specialist clinical treatment, education and research for all skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.


The Avène Hydrotherapy Treatment: clinically proven efficacy

  • étude clinique

    A clinical study conducted at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center showed that patients significantly improved their overall quality of life, whilst alleviating the main sources of cutaneous discomfort associated with breast cancer treatments (chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy).*

    • Dryness : -100%
    • Pruritus : -61%
    • Lymphoedema : -43%
  • Thermes

    Over the past few years, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center has been extending its dermatological expertise to the side effects on the skin caused by cancer treatments.

    Throughout the years, the Hydrotherapy Center has constantly sought to offer its patients alternative forms of support in a friendly, welcoming environment.

    A hydrotherapy treatment can be a valuable way of rebuilding your strength, both physically and mentally. A clinical study has shown that the Avène hydrotherapy treatment significantly reduces the side effects on your skin caused by cancer treatments.

    See the center’s website

    *Dalenc F et al, Eur J Cancer Care 2017 aug 22.
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