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Thermal Spring Water Spray Using Thermal Spring Water Spray for all types of sensitive skin

More than just a simple refreshing gesture, Avène Thermal Spring Water is a daily treat for all types of sensitive skin. Superficial dermatological procedures, sunburn, eczema, feelings of discomfort, sporting effort, makeup... because your skin is constantly exposed, soothing it day after day is essential.

Discover the many uses of Thermal Spring Water Spray, from therapeutic use to being part of your daily routine.

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Relieve skin conditions

Treatments for skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.) can have side effects that cause skin discomfort. Thanks to its soothing and softening properties, the Thermal Spring Water Spray is a perfect ally for every moment. Use it with your treatments to reduce their side effects, improve your observance and restore your well-being.

Soothe your skin after a superficial dermatological procedure or a surgical procedure

These procedures can cause irritation and skin discomfort. The Thermal Spring Water Spray will give your skin long-lasting relief.

Our tip: apply two to three long sprays per day for two to three weeks straight on the skin or a compress, before applying a repairing treatment.

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Soothe your baby’s delicate skin

Even when you are extra vigilant, it is not uncommon for the babies to experience redness and irritation. Thermal Spring Water Spray is a perfect spray for babies. Spray liberally a thin mist and gently pat dry with a cotton pad. You will soothe your baby’s delicate skin and prevent nappy rash. A clinical study has demonstrated a reduction of 76%¹ in nappy rash redness.

¹ Multicentric study, 249 children, 83 investigators, 2-3 long sprays/day for 21 days. In monotherapy (n = 63) or in combination with a treatment (n = 186).

On the advice of my dermatologist, I applied the Thermal Spring Water Spray every day on my wound, in addition to my treatment. I felt immediate comfort. My skin healed very quickly.

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Make your face radiant all day long

Combined with other treatments, the Thermal Spring Water Spray enhances the action of your various beauty products:

  • In the morning, it wakes up your skin, neutralises the effects of hard tap water and boosts the benefits of your day cream.
  • After applying makeup, spraying gives your makeup a better hold for longer.
  • And at night when your face is thoroughly cleansed, it gently removes the last impurities.

Relieve your skin after shaving or epilation

The Thermal Spring Water Spray reduces redness and itching. With a slow back and forth movement, apply Avène Thermal Spring Water to the sensitive area, keeping a distance of 20 cm. Do three consecutive sprays for an intense soothing effect. From the first application to your irritated skin, tingling sensations decrease by 55%².

² Randomised comparative study carried out under dermatological control. 40 subjects who underwent a superficial chemical peel. Assessment of the effects of Avène Thermal Spring Water, with a low mineral content (266 mg/L), and comparison with a highly mineralised water (11,000 mg/L).

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Protecting your skin even when wearing a mask

Travel can have dreadful effects on the skin, especially during heat waves. The skin becomes dry and uncomfortable. Couple this with wearing a mask, which causes discomfort and sometimes even redness or itching. To prevent and sooth your discomfort, use the Thermal Spring Water Spray as a travel spray. A fine mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water will act as a repairing treatment and will refresh baby, mum and dad at any time.

Avène Thermal Spring Water improves patient’s quality of life and comfort. This is confirmed by many clinical studies conducted on patients with inflammatory chronic dermatosis or temporary skin problems.

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