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The source of three postbiotic key ingredients

AQUAPHILUS DOLOMIAE The source of three postbiotic key ingredients

After more than 12 years of work, Pierre Fabre Research researchers discovered that there was a Thermal Spring Water other than mineral water. They unlocked the secrets of a unique and as yet unknown microorganism.

A microflora linked to the exceptional purity of the surrounding environment which they named Aquaphilus Dolomiae. This bacteria, which exists in no other ecosystem in the world, is at the source of active substances contributing, partly, to the effectiveness of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

I-modulia®, the first postbiotic key ingredient

Avène Thermal Spring Water is known for its soothing and softening effect on the skin, partly explained by its unique biological signature: Aquaphilus Dolomiae. This microflora, isolated and then amplified by biotechnology, is the source of the first postbiotic key ingredient: I-modulia®  

It reduces itching sensations caused by skin dryness and soothes rendess and irritation caused by the skin’s hyper-reactivity It is at the centre of the XeraCalm A.D. range. A skincare line designed precisely to relieve itching, due to skin dryness.

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[C+-Restore]™ the repairing agent for sensitive skin

The healing properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water have been scientifically proven and demonstrated in the laboratory. While trying to understand this repairing mechanism, researchers isolated and patented [C+-Restore]™ from the Avène Thermal Spring Water microbiota. A new generation, unique postbiotic key ingredient that promotes epidermal repair and is at the heart of the Cicalfate+ range.

When combined with a Copper/Zinc anti-bacterial complex and, soothing and softening, Avène Thermal Spring Water, it hydrates and protects skin to support repair in 48 hours*.
*In-vitro study.

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We work in the opposite direction to that used to create medicines, by starting with a molecule to test its activity. It is a fascinating, in-depth analysis.

D-Sensinose™, an innovation to help soothe and ultra-calm hypersensitive skin

Avène Thermal Spring Water has soothing and softening properties thanks to its unique mineral and biological double signature. Our researchers have developed a unique and patented postbiotic key ingredient from this water: D-Sensinose™. It ultra-calms hypersensitive skin and shows off all its powers in our Tolérance CONTROL skincare range. It immediately calms hypersensitive skin and durably controls reactivity. The skin is soothed in 30 seconds*, and improves hydration over 24h**.
*Auto-evaluation on 25 subjects – Product applied twice daily for 3 months.
**Evaluation of the skin’s capacitance with a single standardised application for 24 h on 26 subjects.


This third postbiotic key ingredient is the one that concentrates all the inner richness of Aquaphilus Dolomiae.

Katia Ravard-HelfferEau Thermale Avène Innovation Project Manager
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