Skincare for sensitive skin

Skincare for sensitive skin

Would you like to take care of your sensitive skin and treat yourself to a moment of softness and well-being? Discover our care products formulated to respect the sensitivity of your skin.

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No more oily, sticky skin! A good body moisturiser product leaves the skin soft and silky!


How do you know if the skin on your body is sensitive?

Naturally sensitive skin experiences tingling, tightness and hot flushes from childhood. This constitutional sensitivity is due to a more fragile hydrolipidic film that’s vulnerable to external aggressions. It can also be accompanied by dry skin as the protective barrier of the epidermis is less able to retain moisture in the skin. Moreover, this vulnerability generally concerns thin and fair skin.    

Irritating and stripping products such as household detergents, too frequent scrubbing, hard water in the shower and stress can also cause skin discomfort on different parts of the body with sensitive skin.

Please note: if your skin is sensitive to touch, and with bright redness or even itching, then your skin may be allergy-prone or prone to eczema. It may also be caused by a reaction to irritants.

Which body care products should you use for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin on the body requires daily attention through a  with three steps: showering or bathing, exfoliating and moisturising. All these steps need to be carried out in the gentlest way possible to comfort sensitive skin.

How do you cleanse sensitive skin?

There are a few things you can do to take care of your fragile skin in the shower or bath:

  • Make sure the temperature of your water is not over 37°C so as not to dry out the skin.
  • For the same reason, make sure you do not sit in the water for more than ten minutes.
  • Use a gentle, soap-free cleanser such as TriXera Nutrition Nutri-fluid Cleanser for dry sensitive skin.
  • On sensitive areas, you can finish your cleansing routine with a spritz of Thermal Spring Water Spray to remove hard water and chlorine residues from the tap water.
  • To limit rubbing the sensitive skin of your body, dry yourself gently by dabbing with a towel.

Which body moisturiser should you use for sensitive skin?

Moisturising with body creams and balms is the third step in your daily sensitive skin care routine. These are essential for restoring the skin barrier and preventing dehydration.

If your skin is naturally sensitive, the  will become your best friend for velvety-soft skin. Its non-greasy texture provides long-lasting hydration.

For sensitive and dry skin of the whole family, choose a nourishing and protective skincare product from the Trixera Nutrition range. Finally, if you experience itching (caused by skin dryness) or symptoms of eczema-prone skin, the cream and balm in the XeraCalm A.D. range will soothe your skin.

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