With their creamy texture, body balms provide your skin with suppleness and comfort. Whether it's a melting, moisturising or nourishing balm, find the one that suits you and your family best.

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What’s the purpose of a body balm?

Body balms restore and nourish skin weakened by external aggressors. Pollution, hormonal variations, rubbing caused by clothing, temperature changes, particularly in winter, disrupt the skin's barrier function and impair the skin’s hydrolipidic film. The latter is essential for maintaining the skin's moisture content and preventing it from drying out. If not restored daily, it can result in discomfort, tightness, irritation or imperfections and skin ageing, especially for the most exposed areas of the body such as the hands, arms and chest.     

Your skin's health is particularly at risk in winter due to the cold and wind. A hydrating body balm both moisturises and nourishes the skin with the fatty substances missing from the protective hydrolipidic film. Moisturising the skin also helps to maintain the balance of the skin flora or microbiota.

Balm or cream: what’s the difference?

A body balm has a richer and smoother texture than a body cream or a body lotion. Our laboratory designs them with highly nourishing key ingredients such as natural oils. Other key ingredients complete the formula, such as Thermal Spring Water or I-Modulia®, to provide their soothing and softening properties.

Thus, a balm is more nourishing with a melting texture. For quick absorption, simply warm it up in your hands first.

A balm is particularly suitable for:

  • dry skin or rougher areas of the body like elbows, knees and feet.
  • Very dry and scaly skin
  • Skin prone to eczema and itching (due to skin dryness)
  • Skin irritated by the cold

Which body balm should I choose?

When choosing a body balm, it’s important to assess the condition of your skin barrier, or simply the degree of dryness of your skin.

Here are some additional tips to guide you:

  • The Trixera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Balm is suitable for the very dry skin of the whole family. It spreads easily over the whole body and is quickly absorbed thanks to its nutri-fluid texture. It also contains three lipidic key ingredients to repair skin barrier and sooth irritations. 
  • The Xeracalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Balm has been formulated for sensitive skin prone to eczema and itching due to skin dryness. This emollient body care product is designed to help repair, nourish and strengthen the skin’s protective film. Its fragrance and preservative-free formula minimises the risk of allergies. Finally, it leaves the skin soft thanks to Avène Thermal Spring Water.


How do you use a body balm?

Use the balm as part of your daily body care routine. This should start by cleansing your skin with a shower gel suitable for your skin problems and skin type.

Any moisturising product should also be applied morning and/or evening to clean, dry skin.

To reinforce the effects of the balm, consider using a body scrub once a week. By removing dead skin, it prepares the skin for moisturising and nourishing products.

You can then complete your wellbeing ritual with a fine mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Finally, apply your balm all over the body, massaging in circular motions and paying particular attention to rough or dry areas.


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