Eau Thermale Avène is committed to continuing its primary mission: to provide all people with sensitive skin with improved skin and life quality.

For over 30 years, the brand has formed a strong trusting relationship with healthcare professionals, thanks in particular to its vision and the will of its founder, Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist. To keep as close as possible in line with and to be able to better respond to your needs, we can count on our historic partners (who are also your health partners on a daily basis): pharmacists.
Maintaining this strong and lasting relationship means we can offer you expert and personalised answers and always find the most suitable Eau Thermale Avène product. An effective way of always being there for your skin!

Avène Laboratoire Dermatologique: the pharmacist’s unwavering partners

Avène Laboratoire Dermatologique and pharmacists have a historic relationship thanks, in particular, to the selective distribution channel adopted by the Eau Thermale Avène brand where the pharmacist plays a central role.

Avène Laboratoire Dermatologique products are distributed throughout pharmacies in Australia.

We are committed to supporting and training pharmacists so that they are the best information relay between the brand and you, especially for those with the most demanding skin types. The pharmacy is a place to listen and raise awareness, perfect for taking the time to understand your needs and find solutions to soothe you. It is this quality experience that we want to maintain by working in collaboration with your consulting pharmacists.

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Online parapharmacy

Online parapharmacy

By your side at every moment.

Where can I find my Eau Thermale Avène products?

We answer your questions

Well, in a pharmacy, there are... pharmacy assistants and pharmacists. That is to say, there are competent professionals trained in pathologies (including skin conditions) who can recommend the best solutions for you. Our brand's partner pharmacies are specially trained by our network of trainers to recommend our products. Please note that online pharmacies selling Eau Thermale Avène products are also owned by pharmacy owners.

No, Eau Thermale Avène belong to the dermo-cosmetic laboratory category, i.e. laboratories using medical research for cosmetic purposes but which do not have the same legal regulations as medical laboratories for marketing their products. You do not need a prescription to buy our products, even if they are sometimes recommended by doctors (dermatologists or general practitioners) or pharmacists.

Some pharmacies give out samples, but in a limited way to limit their environmental impact. When you visit one of our retailers' outlets, you may have the opportunity to take part in one of the regular events organised by our beauty consultants.

You can carry out our online skin diagnosis! Answer our questions to identify your skin type and find out what your skincare routine should be.


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