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Prevent and soothe your skin rash

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Recognising when skin is irritated

20% of the population is born with sensitive skin, but we’re all exposed to the occasional skin rash. Everyday knocks, rubbing, using products the skin can't tolerate, climate, infections... These external aggressors alter the skin barrier and cause inflammation in your skin. You can see it: redness, dryness, cracking... And you can feel it: burning, pulling, pain and sometimes itching... But it doesn't have to be that way. Help your skin soothe itself with the right care!

Some skin rashes are temporary and forgotten as quickly as they appear. Others have a tendency to return. When you think that the skin is your first contact with the outside world, it's easy to imagine the impact that chronic rashes can have on your life. There’s the physical discomfort, of course, but also emotional, psychological and social discomfort... This is why it's important to take action!


It’s not easy to give general advice when it comes to skin rashes. Rashes have a variety of causes and can be located on various parts of the body: the face, eyelids, corners of the lips, hands, thighs, arms... And even in the most intimate areas, as is the case with vaginal rashes.  The care depends on the skin rash, but there are some basics you can follow to soothe your skin. Shall we get started?

How to soothe your irritated skin

  • Let your skin rest: stop using any suspect products.
  • Clean the irritated area with lukewarm water and a product with a pH that matches that of the skin.
  • Apply a suitable skincare product to the irritated area to help your skin repair itself.
  • Any doubts or concerns? Consult a healthcare professional.
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Everything you need to know about rashes on the face

Redness, patches, chapping... If there’s one part of the body where we could do without a rash, it’s on the face, because that's all we see in the mirror. How to prevent and soothe skin rashes on the face morning and evening, follow a gentle ritual for your fragile skin.

• Cleanse your skin with a mild, soap-free cleanser with a pH that matches that of the skin.
• Spray thermal spring water to soothe and soften your irritated skin - an especially popular spritz to soothe razor burn and sunburn!

• Apply a neutral anti-irritant moisturising cream.
• Limit the use of make-up until the skin rash subsides.


Above all, don’t scratch!

When your skin is irritated, sometimes it burns or itches, and it's hard not to succumb to the urge to scratch. However, it’s essential to resist the urge. Scratching can lead to the formation of micro-plaques, which are open doors for bacteria and other undesirables that delay your skin’s repair. The best way forward is to find your zen, moisturise regularly and apply a suitable skincare proudct that promotes skin repair.

Want a little bonus soother? Bring ventilation to the area (using a fan or piece of cardboard, etc.) and/or apply an ice pack.

Good habits to heal well

Good habits to heal well

Whether it’s a fall on a bicycle, burn from a barbecue or a cut while gardening, whatever your age, it's hard to escape daily mishaps! We have everything you need to know to repair your skin and avoid unsightly scars.

All our advice for good scar healing
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