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Winter does not discriminate- even the best-behaved skin can become sensitised and reactive when the temperature drops.

No matter whether your sensitive skin is seasonal or if you suffer sensitivity all year round, if you are feeling the tell tale signs- itching, flaking, redness, burning, tingling, or tightness, it’s time to change up your routine.
Less can be best!
When your skin is feeling hypersensitive and reactive, pare your skincare routine way back. Opt for a simplified routine using products with minimalist formulas and a handful of non-irritating ingredients.

By offering the skin just the essentials, it has time to recover and boost the natural defences.


Chill out
As tempting as a long, hot shower or soothing soak in the tub can be on cold winter nights, hot water can strip the skin of it’s natural protective oils which can leave your skin dry and tight.

So when showering or simply just washing your face, use cool or lukewarm water and keep it quick. It may not be the long relaxing bath of your winter dreams, but your skin will thank you!

Gently does it
While it’s important to remove makeup and any environmental build-up from the day, overcleansing should be avoided- it can strip the skin of it’s natural barrier and fatty acids.

Winter is the time to sub in a very gentle soap-free cleanser like our XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil. It contains Cer-Omega lipids which resemble those natural fats found in the skin that maintain the skin's protective barrier- keeping moisture in and dirt and impurities out and giving the skin better resistance against external aggressors.


Moisturise Meticulously
Sensitive skin craves moisture so switch from a lotion to a heavier texture like a cream or a balm. It’s also important to choose formulas that do double duty to both moisturise and strengthen skin’s barrier.

Most of the skin’s hydration is maintained in the barrier so when that precious barrier is compromised, skin loses its suppleness, looks dull or uneven and feels tight or uncomfortable.

Very dry and cracked skin may benefit from adding a restorative barrier cream like Cicalfate as the last step in your routine. Cicalfate contains a unique ingredient Sucralfate that forms a protective layer with proteins in damaged skin, allowing new skin to grow behind a soothing barrier.


You are what you eat (and drink)
While the jury is still out on whether the amount of water you drink improves skin hydration, the healthier you are, the healthier your skin will be.

So stay hydrated, up your intake of foods with a high water content like fresh vegies, fruit and nuts and and fill your diet with lots of antioxidant-rich “good fats”- from avocados, oily fish and seeds.


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