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HOW TO: Irritated skin

Overall, 60–70% of women and 50–60% of men report having some degree of skin sensitivity* but we all experience the occasional rash or rough skin patch!

Signs of irritated skin

Everything from bumps, friction, irritating cosmetics to the weather can weaken the skin barrier and cause inflammation. We see this as redness, dryness, and cracking... and you can feel it too - burning, tightness and sometimes itchiness. But this is preventable with the right care!

Some irritations are temporary and we forget them as quickly as they appear. Others reoccur over and over again. When we think of the skin as our first contact with the outside world, we can easily imagine the impact that chronic rashes can have on our life.

How to soothe irritated skin

It's not easy to generalise on the subject of skin irritations and flare-ups - they can occur for many reasons on all parts of the body.

But there are some general rules to follow to soothe that sensitive skin.

Above all, do not scratch! When your skin is irritated, it can burn, sting and itch. While we know it's hard, avoid the temptation to scratch. Scratching can cause micro-wounds which allow bacteria to enter the body and delay skin healing.

Our advice? Moisturise regularly and apply a barrier cream that helps promote skin repair.

Pare your skincare routine way back. Opt for a simplified routine using products with minimalist formulas and a handful of non-irritating ingredients.

By offering the skin just the essentials, it has time to recover and boost the natural defences.

Hot water can strip the skin of natural protective oils, sensitising your skin even further. So when showering or washing your face, use lukewarm water, make it quick and opt for a soap-free cleansing oil!

Consult a health professional.

Irritated skin on the face

Redness, dry patches, chapping ... our face is always exposed to the elements and can be more prone to sensitivity than the skin on our body.

So how can we help protect and soothe it?

Morning and evening, follow a gentle ritual for your sensitive skin:

• Cleanse your skin with a mild, soap-free cleanser at physiological pH
• Use our Thermal Spring Water to instantly soothe and soften your irritated skin
• Apply a minimalist moisturiser with only the essential ingredients
• Limit makeup until the irritation subsides

How to heal irritated skin

A fall from the bike, a scraped knee, a burn in the kitchen or a cut while gardening - they are all a part of life's ups and downs but can cause real discomfort and leave lasting scars.

For more advice on skin repair and how to avoid scarring... Click here!


The essentials to repair and soothe the sensitive and irritated skin of the whole family.

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