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Lip sticks or lip balms promise to soothe chapped or dry lips. Objective: lip care for nourished, repaired and durably protected lips.

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Why do our lips become chapped?

The skin on the lips is much thinner than that of the face and does not have sebaceous glands. Thus, it does not secrete sebum to form the skin's protective hydrolipidic film. The hydrolipidic film helps the skin to maintain hydration, particularly when faced with external aggressors.


Less protected, the lips are therefore more vulnerable. They are easily damaged by cold and especially dry air. In addition, in winter, when colds are more common, you tend to breathe through your mouth more and this dries out the lips. Other factors such as the sun, smoking and pollution can also cause them to dry out.

The symptoms commonly observed (small cracks, flakes, cracked corners) are therefore the consequence of dry lips.

How do you repair chapped lips quickly?

If your lips are already chapped and you are looking to relieve and heal them quickly, here are the two steps recommended by Eau Thermale Avène:

  • Soothe burning and discomfort with compresses of Thermal Spring Water Spray. Soak a folded tissue and leave for about ten minutes, adding two to three more sprays at regular intervals. Guaranteed soothing action!
  • Apply a lip balm in a thick layer, like a hydrating mask, to give your lips all the repairing benefits of lip care.

Which lip balm should I choose?

If your lips suffer from dryness, use Cold Cream Lip Balm. In addition to the nourishment it provides for your lips, it is also an excellent base for lip beauty products

The Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm, enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, is suitable for lips suffering from severe dryness. The added bonus of this product? It gives your lips a glamorous and natural gloss effect!

If you have small cracks in the corners of your mouth, a chapped lip repairing cream such as Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream is ideal for its antibacterial and nourishing properties.

How do you stop chapped lips?

To prevent your lips from becoming brittle, you're best off preventing them from drying out. Here are some recommendations to limit water loss:

  • Drink enough water every day and eat foods rich in water and vitamins such as fruit and vegetables. Lips also become dry more quickly when they come into contact with very salty and spicy foods.
  • Avoid tobacco use.
  • Moisten your lips as little as possible because saliva dehydrates the lips as it evaporates.
  • Have a lip balm or lip stick to hand to moisturise and protect your lips at any time of the day, all year round.

Regular exfoliation, even of dry lips, removes dead skin and makes the lip balm more effective. To do this, use powdered sugar on a layer of lip balm, massaging it in with light strokes.

For preventive daily hydration of your lips, opt for Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm.

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