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The Eau Thermale Avène brand establishes solidarity based partnerships with foundations and patient associations in order to provide skin health prevention and education.
  • Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc

    Eau Thermale Avène is proud to be supporting the The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, a non-profit charity that provides specialist clinical treatment, education and research for all skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.
    The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc is a not-for-profit, DGR registered, organisation which provides specialist treatment, education and research for a wide variety of skin disorders, skin cancers and melanomas.

    Established in 1987 by 38 professional dermatologists, the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc has become Australia's centre of excellence in dermatology, and is at the forefront of delivering healthy skin by dermatologists. 

    Diseases of the skin are one of Australia's major public health problems. Every day, dermatologists see patients with a wide range of conditions; some debilitating that profoundly affect self-esteem, the ability to socialise and to work. The Skin & Cancer Foundation is proud to help these people achieve their full potential. 

    The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc has three core activities:
    1. To provide patient-focused, world-class dermatological care
    2. To lead the promotion of skin health in the community through education in dermatology including dermatologists, registrars, GPs and other health care professionals; and

    To achieve global outcomes by conducting and contributing to world-class dermatology research 
    Over 25,000 patient services are provided each year by Foundation members, supported by plastic surgeons, an oral mucosal specialist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, specialist nurses and other allied health care professionals. Much of the work by Foundation members is provided on a pro-bono basis. 
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  • Hands to Hold

    Eau Thermale Avène is proud to be supporting Hands to Hold, a non-profit organisation.
    Hands to Hold recently established in Queensland to work with carers and sufferers of Chronic Allergic Diseases, such as eczema, to improve their quality of life and overcome barriers created by the condition.
    Hands to Hold provides personalised practical and emotional support to carers and sufferers through support groups, educational and referral services.
    Hands to Hold was founded by its current directors Melanie Funk who has twin boys suffering from severe eczema and allergies, Anne Meehan, Marion Anderson and Lisa Stark.

    Eau Thermale Avène is now supporting Hands to Hold in the following projects:
    • Supporting 10 families suffering from eczema by providing them with free Avène products.
    • Sponsoring educational events organised by Hands to Hold by providing free Avène samples and products, educational support and brochures.
    • Working in partnership with Hands to Hold to organise roundtables and workshops with healthcare professionals.
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  • All About Acne

    Eau Thermale Avène is proud to be supporting All About Acne, a non-profit organisation.
    The All About Acne team are a group of health and medical experts from across Australia who have an interest in the management of acne. 
    They include several leading dermatologists, a GP and a cosmetic medical practitioner.
    These people donate their time and expertise in order to provide the most up-to-date, practical and relevant information on acne-related matters.
    The All About Acne team of experts guarantees that the information on their website is independent, up-to-date and based on the highest quality research available. No gossip, gimmicks or fads for unproven remedies – just accurate, practical information to guide you.
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    The Eau Thermale Avène brand is a partner of AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies).
    An allergy is when the body develops an excessive reaction to a foreign body that it considers to be a threat. It is caused by an imbalance of the immune system.
    The immune system is a defense mechanism that protects the body against external attacks.
    In allergy sufferers, the immune system responds abnormally or excessively to a harmless foreign substance in the body which it has already come into contact with.

    Know more about it on the intolerances and the allergies

    Avène dermatological laboratories offer dermatologically tested skin care products specially designed for sensitive skin and approved by rigorous efficacy, skin tolerance and hypoallergenic testing.
    Since 1996, the Tolerance Extreme range has been presented to medical professionals for treatment of the most sensitive skin types. The forerunners of this cutting edge technology rely on sterility to offer pure skin care formulas that are free from potential irritants. Our Laboratories have continued to invest in Research over the years to ensure that these formulas are increasingly effective.
    The result Sterile cosmetics.

    This expertise has just been recognized by AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies), whose objective is to "help to ensure that the public is properly informed about allergies." 
    The Eau Thermale Avène brand is now a partner of this organization and has been:

    -"RECOGNIZED" for its Sterile Cosmetics technology which offers the following benefits:
    - a simple formula containing essential ingredients only that is free of preservatives and substances used for their preservative effects
    - sterilization at each stage of the production process
    - packaging using the patented D.E.F.I. system* (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) which ensures that the formula remains sterile during use.
    "RECOMMENDED" for its skin care products using Sterile Cosmetics technology as these combine effective protection with optimal tolerance:
    - Tolerance Extreme Soothing moisturizing cream and cleansing milk
    - Skin Recovery cream and rich skin recovery cream for calming and protecting skin
    - XeraCalm AD Lipid-replenishing cream and balm
    - Pediatril Moisturizing cream

    *Patent submitted
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    • AFPRAL
    • AFPRAL
  • ESCF

    Avène dermatological laboratories work alongside the European Skin Cancer Foundation (ESCF)(1).
    Founded in 2008, this association aims to inform the public and raise awareness of the risk factors for skin cancer and implement prevention campaigns. Skin cancer is actually a major public health issue today.

    Excessive sun exposure (2) has been established as a contributing factor in the growing prevalence of skin cancer, including melanomas and
    non melanoma skin cancers (NMSC), which are rarely fatal but are becoming increasingly common. Early diagnosis is essential for a good prognosis and so education and photo-protection are key, especially where children are concerned.
    Avène dermatological laboratories have risen to the challenge thanks to their long term commitment in this field and sun care expertise. The sun care range from Avène is proven to protect your skin and keeps it safe from the harmful effects of the sun while also helping to prevent sun damage.
    This is why we have decided to invest in this area alongside ESCF and support numerous actions led by the Foundation:
    • Prevent Educating children about sun damage preserves healthy skin for a longer time.
    • Train dermatologists and doctors from all partner countries in skin cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

    (1) European Skin Cancer foundation.

    (2) Armstrong BK, Kricker A,The epidemiology of UV induced skin cancer. J Photochem Photobiol B 2001; 63:8-18.
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    • ESCF
  • Fondation pour la Dermatite Atopique

    The brand Eau Thermale Avène is a founding member of the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis.
    Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis
    The brand Eau Thermale Avène is a founding member of the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis whose mission is threefold:
    •  A foundation for research: So that teams involved in research on atopic dermatitis, based on epidemiology, genetics, immunology, basic or clinical research, may receive practical assistance following approval by the Foundation's scientific committee.

    •  A foundation for raising awareness: Atopic dermatitis is not well-known. Parents and also educators, doctors and other health professionals need information on the nature of atopic dermatitis, how to treat it, how it affects patients' lives and their families and the best ways to alleviate the suffering caused by this condition. The Foundation helps to disseminate this information in professional media and also for the general public.

    • A foundation for education: As with all chronic conditions, atopic dermatitis can be difficult to manage. It can be frustrating for children and parents who don't know how to make the best use of the treatments available, which all have their pros and cons. Education about treatment produces effective means for gaining the necessary knowledge and understanding of the condition. This translates into valuable expertise in everyday life. The Atopy schools already in place have gained experiences that the Foundation is helping to share more widely.

    The Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis therefore works on many levels:
    •  It contributes to the funding of research and clinical studies on atopic dermatitis.
    •  It supports all initiatives in science or in the media that aim to raise awareness and inform the public about the condition, the treatments available and patients' daily lives.
    •  It designs and implements educational tools and initiatives.
    •  It creates, edits and disseminates information material created for practitioners, parents and children.
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    • Fondation pour la Dermatite Atopique
    • Fondation pour la Dermatite Atopique
  • ONE SMILE: skin care for cancer patients

    ONE SMILE is an initiative from Avène Dermatological Laboratories to provide the best dermocosmetic skin care for cancer patients.
    ONE SMILE is an initiative from Avène Dermatological Laboratories to provide the best dermocosmetic skin care for cancer patients.

    Cancer treatments are constantly being developed.
    The advancement of therapeutic interventions including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies means treatment and prevention of the disease is becoming more and more effective.
    These treatments are synonymous with hope and remission, but are also responsible for side effects that patients often find limiting and difficult to live with.

    A better understanding of these side effects and how to treat them is vital in order to reduce their unpleasant consequences so that patients can continue to benefit fully from effective cancer treatments.

    The aim is to improve the quality of life of men and women who are battling cancer every day and face physical changes as a result of cancer treatments.

    In partnership with European and American experts (Caroline Robert and Vincent Sibaud in France and Mario Lacouture in the US), AVENE Dermatological Laboratories have created a ONE SMILE training and information program available for health professionals. By training health professionals in how to treat skin side effects, we can improve cancer patients' quality of life.

    Thanks to the website www.one-smile.care, patients have access to a dedicated platform offering information and advice.

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    See partner website
    • ONE SMILE: skin care for cancer patients
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