Skincare for sensitive skin

Skincare for sensitive skin

Skin sensitivity can be natural, long-term or occasional, causing discomfort and tightness. Discover our sensitive skin routine for taking care of your sensitive skin.

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How do you know if the skin on your face is sensitive?

Sensitive skin reacts excessively to several environmental factors (temperature changes, wind, hard water, chlorine, etc.) or to unsuitable cosmetics. Tingling, redness, tightness and, more generally, daily discomfort are the characteristic symptoms of sensitive skin on the face.


Skin sensitivity is caused by a damaged hydrolipidic film, and a protective skin barrier that no longer fulfils its function. The damage can be a result of external and/or internal aggressors such as climatic conditions, smoking or stress, or more simply may just be something you are naturally born with (fine and fair skin or dry skin).

Beware, if you experience itching in addition to redness, your skin is probably eczema and/or allergy-prone.

Skincare for sensitive skin

Which makeup remover should you choose for sensitive skin?

When you have sensitive skin on your face, you have to remove your makeup every night. But how can you do this without damaging your sensitive skin?

Firstly, use no-rinse facial cleansers such as our Micellar Lotion or Tolerance Extremely Gentle Cleanser. These products remove makeup, cleanse and soothe your sensitive face in a single step.

The chlorine and limescale content of tap water can further irritate your skin. If you fancy the refreshing feeling of water, then finish your cleansing routine with our Thermal Spring Water Spray or Gentle Toning Lotion to remove hard water residues from your face.

Finally, even sensitive skin can benefit from a gentle scrub to remove dead skin and revive the complexion. The Gentle Exfoliating Gel removes impurities and restores your skin's radiance without irritating it. Use it once or twice a week, after cleansing and finish this beauty routine with a soothing spray of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Which face serum should you choose for sensitive skin?

Eau Thermale Avène has formulated a serum to address dehydrated, sensitive skin on the face:

Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum for dehydration, felt through discomfort and tightness.

Which face cream should you choose for sensitive skin?

To respect the sensitivity of your skin, it’s important to choose products containing minimal ingredients.

Our laboratory has designed hydrating products adapted to the different needs of sensitive skin:

Which face mask should you choose for sensitive skin?

Replenishing your face with moisture and soothing it intensely once a week is an essential part of pampering your sensitive skin!

Again, depending on your concerns, Eau Thermale Avène offers different face masks to care for your sensitised skin barrier:

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