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Wrinkles, loss of firmness, radiance: how to prevent skin ageing?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”... Have you ever heard this saying? This also applies to protecting your skin from ageing. By adopting the right habits, you can delay the appearance of the signs of time such as wrinkles. Anti-ageing care, healthy living... here is our expert advice.

Skin ageing: what factors should be taken into account?

Even if it is imperceptible, skin ageing starts as early as 25 years old. So you need to act now. Act, yes, but why? Because there are several factors responsible for skin ageing.

  • Internal factors such as genetics, which cannot be changed;
  • External factors (sun exposure, diet etc.) which facilitate the release of free radicals and accelerate skin ageing. These are the factors that you can act on by adopting the right habits and the right skin care.

The right gestures, step by step.

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First step: skin hygiene

Taking care of your face is a promise to help it stay younger for longer. And it's never too early to start. On a daily basis, three habits will help you keep your skin fresh:

  • Cleanse. In the morning, remove excess sebum and dead skin cells with a skincare product adapted to your skin type. Complete this gesture with a weekly scrub (why not during a relaxing selfcare moment on the weekend?) which, will eliminating dead cells.
  • Remove make-up. We tend to neglect this step.. However, it is essential to allow our skin to breathe and to prevent it from dehydrating quickly... paving the way for wrinkles.
  • Moisturise as your skin matures, it becomes dehydrated. Moisturising it every day will revive your complexion, protect it from external aggressions... and delay the signs of ageing!

Focus on “skin enemies”

Adapt your lifestyle

The way our skin ages is also closely linked to the way we live. Some of our behaviours will accelerate the process and others will prevent it.

Rest assured, the culprits are now well identified: the sun which accelerates ageing, smoking which facilitates the destruction of the elastic fibres that give the skin its suppleness, stress which is a vector of free radicals, a poor diet, pollution, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle.

These are all factors that can be influenced.

Our “ good habit " advice to prevent skin ageing

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Our body and skin are made up of a high proportion of water, which is essential for the cell and skin renewal cycle. Moisturising the skin is therefore essential. It is the first weapon against premature ageing and the basis of all anti-ageing care. Moisture is the key to beautiful skin and the key to slowing down the effects of time.

Aline StennevinScientific and medical expert
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What anti-ageing skincare products should I use?

To fight against the appearance of wrinkles and the slackening of the face, anti-ageing skincare products nowadays keep all their promises. But you have to choose the right one. Between the serums, the day creams and night creams, the range is vast.

Which skincare products should you choose to fight against your very first wrinkles? And which one to use if they are already set in? If your skin loses its firmness? Which range should you choose if you are 30 or 50? 

All about anti-ageing skincare


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We’re here to help you sort fact from fiction

Don’t do it. The effects of the sun's UV rays on the skin can also be felt in winter or if the weather is cloudy. Therefore, you should be protected all year round. Especially in Australia, where we have some of the highest UV radiation levels in the world. But don't worry, you don't need to slather on sunscreen every morning. Many cosmetic products are nowadays equipped with UV filters.

However effective they may be, scrubs can be harsh on the skin. You should only use this type of product once or twice a week, no more. Otherwise the excessive trauma may compromise your skin. This is to respect the sensitivity of your skin.

Yes, of course. The effect of one product can make the effect of another more powerful. However, it is advisable to use products from the same range. The key ingredients are studied and developed to work together and boost their effectiveness.


Understanding skin ageing

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Understanding skin ageing

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