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What are the enemies of the skin?

The sun is bad for the skin. Although we are all (more or less) aware of sun protection, we do not always know why the sun harms the skin and accelerates its ageing. And unfortunately, it's not the only skin enemy to worry about... Here are some examples, and especially some tips on how to protect yourself from their effects.

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The enemies of the skin or accelerated ageing

Have you ever heard of skin senescence? It is the reflection, over time, of various factors on our skin. 

First of all, internal factors. Skin ageing is written into our genes and is temporally programmed. A progressive and natural alteration of the skin's functions takes place and will modify its appearance (wrinkles, lack of radiance, slackening, discomfort). 
But cell damage is also insidiously caused by environmental factors. Sun, pollution, smoking, stress... the accumulation of these damages promotes skin ageing. 
Exposed to these numerous aggressions, the skin can sometimes age at an accelerated rate.
What is senescent skin ?

Enemies of the skin: focus on free radicals and oxidative stress

Free radicals have many faces: these oxygen elements help the body to rid itself of waste and to fight viruses and bacteria. However, when too many of them are produced as a result of external factors, they become harmful to the body. This is what is known as oxidative stress, which is involved in certain neurodegenerative diseases, joint diseases or certain cancers, and skin ageing.
As you can see, the sun, pollution, smoking, etc. are some of the external factors responsible for oxidative stress. But since these skin enemies are the result of our environment and our lifestyles, it is possible to act on them.
How to prevent skin ageing ?

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The battle against oxidative stress is waged on the skin... and on your plate!

The sun is the main factor in the ageing of your skin. Should it be avoided at all costs? No, of course not. But if you want to delay the appearance of the signs of ageing as much as possible (and reduce the risk of skin cancers...), "consume" the sun in a reasonable way. Not during the hottest hours and not without proper protection. Quitting smoking will also help you fight oxidative stress, as will a diet rich in antioxidants, found mainly in fruit and vegetables. The daily fight against the skin's enemies also involves proper moisturising.


From the forehead to the décolletage, moisturise!


Anti-pollution barrier

Moisturising is good for you. With products containing key ingredients that will smooth, tighten and give radiance to your skin, it's better! And if they also contain UV filters and an anti-pollution barrier, your skin will say "thank you"!

Comprehensive action

For skin that is a little more "mature", choose skincare products that, in addition to redensifying the dermis and redefining the contours of the face, bring comfort to the skin and luminosity to the complexion. Finally (because we can't say it enough): with UV filters, it's even better!

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