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Good anti-ageing habits: our advice

Investing in skincare products that are adapted to your skin is a good thing. Combining them with good habits is even better! Sun, exercise, sleep, diet, massages... Here are some tips for adopting an anti-ageing lifestyle!

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Limit oxidative stress: protect yourself from the sun... and walk!

Skin ageing is partly genetically programmed. But it is also the consequence of oxidative stress caused by our lifestyle and against which it is possible to act.

Protecting your skin from the sun all year round is therefore the first good habit to adopt, as it’s the main accelerator of skin ageing, closely followed by pollution.

Oxidative stress also results from lack of sleep, psychological stress, lack of physical activity... Walking for just 30 minutes a day in the fresh air can be enough to reduce these effects: you will stimulate your blood circulation, purify your body, eliminate toxins, reduce stress and sleep better. Your skin will be left radiant and healthy. You can thank us in advance!

What is skin senescence?

Good habits also involve hydration... and your diet!

Every day, you hydrate your skin with a suitable skincare product. So why not hydrate it from the inside? Two litres of water a day (about eight glasses of water) will give you plumper skin, a less dull complexion and less puffiness or dark circles.

To help it better resist oxidative stress, always rely on... Antioxidant-rich foods. Simply put: eating fruit and vegetables is a good habit not to be neglected, and you have a wide choice: citrus fruits, kiwis, cabbage or parsley for vitamin C, olive or walnut oil for vitamin E, red fruits for polyphenols...

It’s also possible to add food supplements to improve the appearance of the skin. But first ask your Healthcare Professional for advice.

What are the enemies of the skin?

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Get to know the chronobiology of the skin in order to adopt good habits

Skin chronobiology is the adaptation of our skincare routine to the rhythm of the skin. The skin goes through four phases during the day: when it wakes up (it needs to be moisturised); during the day (it produces too much sebum when faced with multiple aggressions); in the evening (it is “ intoxicated ", the complexion is cloudy); and at night (the time when it regenerates, three times faster than during the day).

Choosing your cosmetic skincare products according to your skin's needs and the time of day is therefore a very good habit. You can use day creams, serums and night creams... and make sure you remove your make-up perfectly before applying them.

Learn about anti-ageing skincare


You can maximise the effects of your skincare products with some simple gestures.

The cupping technique

Start by applying your day or night cream, then place the palms of your hands on your skin and quickly peel them off. This is the cupping technique that activates the skin's microcirculation and gives your skin a fresh look; it can be used face as well as on the neck and décolletage.

Evening modelling massage for the face and neck

Dispense your night cream onto your fingers, apply it to the face and neck and smooth from the centre outwards. Then quickly tap your fingertips on your face, neck and décolletage, and lightly pinch your skin between your thumb and forefinger. On the line of the wrinkles, hold your skin between your thumb and middle finger. Finally, finish off the cupping technique, starting with the neck.


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