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"Senescent” skin

Senescence: a nice word to describe a less pleasant reality that concerns us all: the degradation and ageing of our cells (and therefore of the skin). Senescence refers to the natural physiological process behind the sagging of the skin or the appearance of wrinkles. Can we do anything about this process? We’ll tell you everything.

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What is ageing skin?

The natural ageing of the skin is part of everyone's genetic make-up and is therefore genetically programmed. But skin ageing is also largely influenced by external aggressions, such as the sun's rays. What does this actually mean? What are the visible and invisible signs of this process? Can these external aggressions be prevented? (Spoiler: yes, they can).

Understanding skin ageing

Senescence: changes on the inside that show on the outside

Over time, the "natural" mechanisms at work in the maintenance and health of the skin deteriorate. It produces less sebum, natural collagen and hyaluronic acid – which are involved in supporting the skin – become scarcer. 
The visible consequences of this senescence: firstly, wrinkles and fine lines appear, accompanied by a loss of radiance and elasticity of the skin. Then the wrinkles deepen, the skin is less firm. Finally, it loses volume and density and is less comfortable. In short: like you, your skin has many life stages. But while this perfectly natural phenomenon cannot be prevented, it is possible to slow down the ageing of the skin by adopting new habits.
How do wrinkles form ?

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FRIENDLY (AND EXPERT) ADVICE What are the factors that accelerate skin ageing? 

These are external factors, mainly related to our lifestyles. If you go outside without proper protection, the sun can be your skin's worst enemy. It is the main cause of skin cancer and accelerates the ageing of the epidermis. Wrinkles on the décolletage, for example, are mostly caused by the sun. Atmospheric pollutants also play a role by weakening the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin. Tobacco is also particularly harmful, for the body of course, but also for the skin. The cause is a cocktail of toxic substances that degrade the fundamental structures of the dermis, such as collagen. 

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To protect against these skin enemies, daily moisturising is essential.

During the day

Moisturise, smooth, tighten and plump: these are your daily objectives. Choose a daytime care product that combines key ingredients capable of fulfilling these tasks without sacrificing your skin's comfort. Applied after a serum, a cream or emulsion plumps the skin without freezing your features. 
A word of advice: don't forget to add a high SPF sun protection to your routine every day, all year round. 


At night

While you sleep, your skin is working. To help it regenerate even better, choose a skincare product in the form of an ultra-comfortable balm with smoothing powers. To be combined with the application of a serum for better efficacy and a fresh and rested complexion in the morning!

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