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Wrinkles around the mouth: what can be done about them?

The lips are a weapon of mass seduction! Whether they are subtle or luscious, they are a reflection of your emotions! You have to pamper them. And for good reason: their contour is so fine and sensitive that wrinkles are common. These little marks are part of you and are a symbol of your joie de vivre. Can you get rid of them? No. But can you reduce them? Yes. Here is our advice.


The three types of mouth wrinkles

As you can imagine, there is not one but several types of perioral wrinkles (around the mouth):
• Nasolabial folds. Also known as “smile lines” or “expression lines”, these are the ones that are visible when you laugh! The furrows that run from the edges of the nose to the ends of the mouth. 
• Vertical wrinkles. They develop above the upper lip. They are sometimes referred to (not very nicely) as a "barcode". We prefer to call them "sun folds". Note that if you smoke, these signs will be even more likely.
• The last kind runs from the corner of the mouth to the chin. These are sometimes called “marionette” lines. 

Rest assured, whatever the type of wrinkles around your mouth, there are solutions. 
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Why are there wrinkles around the mouth?

Answering this question will already help you to find the right habits to adopt. In fact, there are no mysteries: as with the eyes, the skin around the lips is thinner than the other areas of the face. Wrinkles then appear as the skin naturally matures.

Tobacco, sun, pollution... Our daily routine can also have an impact on our skin and facilitate the appearance of wrinkles. To prevent them from becoming even more prominent: 
• Avoid smoking (and if you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice)
• A strange tip: don't use a straw (yes, it promotes wrinkles above the mouth)
• Drink enough and moisturise your lips
• Eat a diet rich in vitamins, such as fruit and vegetables 
• And protect yourself from sun exposure.
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Lip contour: to reduce wrinkles, massage, tap and pinch

On social media, facial yoga is trending to reduce lip lines. But let's be honest, this gesture is technical and not always accessible. What if we suggested some simple but equally effective habits? 

• To apply your moisturiser or anti-wrinkle cream, start by making small circles. They will help prepare the skin for the following techniques
• Second technique: tap. This increases blood circulation and facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients in your care products
• Lightly pinch the contours of your mouth. This will stimulate your epidermis in depth.
• Finally, smooth. With one hand, hold the lower part of the face and with the index finger, smooth the line of the wrinkles from the bottom to the top. This will allow you to fight against marionette lines. 
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How to prevent and reduce wrinkles around the lips?


Keep your lips well moisturised

The mouth dehydrates very quickly, making it easier for wrinkles to set in. You should therefore nourish your skin to prevent it from losing its elasticity and firmness. A good daily routine starts with a combination of an anti-wrinkle serum and a moisturiser. And always carry a lip balm or moisturiser with you. 

For established wrinkles, opt for filling skincare products

In the case of wrinkles that have already set in, your objective will be to smooth your lips and their contours, and to fill in the furrows. A dedicated skincare product, rich in hyaluronic acid, will tighten your skin. Ideal for "marionette lines", it will perfectly absorb in the hollows to release its key ingredients.

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