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Yoga and facial massage

How about a new, easy-to-implement daily anti-ageing routine? As you know, yoga and massages have soothing properties for the body and mind. These benefits also apply to your face. By adopting the right habits, you will be able – in just a few weeks – to restore radiance and firmness to your features, while reducing wrinkles. Ready for a full session?

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Facial gymnastics: the lower face

Every part of your face and every mark of time can benefit from facial gymnastics. Hesitant? Let's start with exercises for the lower face: 


  •  If your neck is slack and has lost its tone, stretch it upwards, as if looking at the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times
  • For the jawline: do you know the jowls? It is these areas under the cheeks that can easily lose their firmness. To strengthen the lower part of your face, lower the outer corners of your mouth while exaggerating (see visual). Do this 10 times for 5 seconds.
  • To strengthen the contour of your lips, pucker them with an exaggerated forward motion. By holding 10 times for 5 seconds, you will make your lips fuller.

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Facial gymnastics: the middle of the face

The mouth, cheeks and cheekbones also deserve your full attention. A bit of exercise will restore your glow.
• You know the nasolabial folds, those wrinkles that run from the outside of the nose to the corner of the mouth? They are a testament to your frequent laughter. But we know you’d like to forget them sometimes. To do this, open your mouth and apply downward pressure to the wings of the nose (10 x 5 seconds)
• To restore volume to flat or sagging cheeks, simply puff up your cheeks for 30 seconds (see visual)
• Drooping cheekbones can give the impression of sternness. To lift your features, make an exaggerated smile with all your teeth showing. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. 

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Enhance your eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. They should therefore reflect your youth. Because a tired look is often due to a sagging skin on the eyelids, you should focus on them particularly. There are two exercises for this:

  • Open your eyes as wide as possible, as if you were surprised
  • Place your index fingers on your brow bone and blink hard. Repeat this 10 times.

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Facial gymnastics: the upper face

The upper face is often marked by the appearance of the first wrinkles, the famous expression lines. Rest assured, you can do something about these too.

  •  Frown lines. You know, those vertical lines between the eyebrows. To smooth and soften them, place a finger between the two eyebrows, push upwards while raising the eyebrows. Repeat this gesture 10 times quickly (see visual).
  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles appear when you raise your eyebrows (when you are surprised or when you put on make-up). To smooth and tighten the upper part of the face, place your fingers at the hairline above the temples. Then push your skin up and backwards as much as possible.

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How to apply your anti-ageing skincare products?


Tone and smooth

When applying your serum, eye contour or day cream, the gesture is the same. Apply your product by tapping. This increases the blood circulation and facilitates the absorption of the key ingredients. Then smooth towards the outside of the face. 


To do this, pinch the face and neck gently between the thumb and forefinger. You can also utilise the “cupping” method, particularly on the forehead and the jawline. Place the palms of your hands on your face and quickly lift them off to improve blood microcirculation. 

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Morning and evening, quick and easy actions 

In the morning: spread your day care over the entire surface of your fingers. Spread gently onto the cheeks, forehead and neck, from the centre outwards. To stimulate microcirculation, finish with the cupping method by applying light pressure with the palms on the face, neck and jawline. 

In the evening: after having applied and massaged in your skincare products, gently pinch your skin between your thumb and forefinger. Start at the bottom of the neck and work your way up from left to right. For the jawline, move up from the chin to the ears. For the cheeks, from the centre to the outside of the face. For the temples: from the crow's feet to the hairline. And for the forehead, from right to left, starting from the base of the eyebrows and working up to the hairline. 

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